2021 NGK Singapore Blockchain Technology Summit second roundtable discussion — the impact of blockchain on the world economy

According to NGK official news, the guestlist for the second roundtable discussion of the 2021 NGK Singapore Blockchain Technology Summit has been announced, including Ms. Daphne, Vice President of Technology from Spirit Stone team, blockchain enthusiast from Stanford University, expert of the ADF Blockchain Alliance, expert of ADD Asia-Pacific Blockchain Research Center, blockchain expert from AF, Chief Researcher of ETC Blockchain Research Institute, and British blockchain expert. This roundtable discussion has gathered many big names and blockchain experts to bring a brand-new definition of blockchain technology to the audience.

It is reported that the theme for the second roundtable discussion is entitled the impact of blockchain on the world economy. We can clearly see the importance of this roundtable, because it is related to the world economy, and thus, related to everyone’s life.

In recent years, the development of blockchain technology around the world is obvious as it affected the economy again and again. The blockchain technology is applied to many fields such as biotechnology, healthcare, new energy, etc., and the changes brought to these fields are visible to everyone. Therefore, many countries have showed their supports to the construction of blockchain market, hoping that blockchain technology can be popularized in every physical industry, promoting the transformation of the physical industry to the digital economy, and bringing more positive impacts on people’s lives.

The application of blockchain technology to the traditional financial field and the creation of a digital financial system will have great effect on finance. As we all know, finance is an important factor affecting the economic development of a country. Therefore, the implementation of blockchain technology in the traditional financial field will affect the economy of every country.

In conclusion, whether blockchain technology is implemented in the physical field or in the financial field, it has an important impact on the economy of a country, and even the entire world economy.

So, what impact will blockchain technology have on the world economy? The second roundtable of the 2021 NGK Singapore Technology Summit will provide you the answer. I believe that through this intense discussion, we will find out how blockchain technology affects the world economy and the necessity of blockchain for the world economy.

At present, as soon as the guestlist of the second roundtable discussion was announced, it has received widespread attention from people around the world. Many organizations and the NGK global communities have expressed their excitement.

I believe that the 2021 NGK Singapore Technology Summit will definitely provide us a new understanding of the blockchain, giving us more confidence in the future development of the world economy, and believing blockchain technology will lead the development of world economy!