5 main reasons why the price of NGK mainnet will skyrocket

3 min readNov 2, 2020

After a long wait, the NGK mainnet will be launched soon. Of course, in addition to the issue of fund security, most people are most concerned about the currency price issue. After all, the main purpose of investment is to make money, and the purpose of the NGK project is to open the door to the digital economy for the real economy. Many investors can profit from it, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

The potential of NGK is huge, and it is different from other hot spots. The IPFS distributed network alone has overturned the traditional Internet model and created the next Internet 3.0 era. From this point of view, it is enough to leave the current hot spots such as NFT behind. In other respects, NGK also has unique advantages. Therefore, the launch of the NGK project will have epoch-making significance, and the currency price will also increase over time. The rise.

Next, from the following five points to analyze why the NGK mainnet will skyrocket after its launch:

  1. Company Background

NGK is based on USA International Covenant INC. As we all know, USA International Covenant INC is an established investment company founded in 2009. It is trustworthy both in terms of company background and financial strength. In addition, there are many ecological industries under USA International Covenant INC, which will support NGK. Therefore, the price of NGK will rise after it goes online.

2. The hype of global investors

After NGK goes online, it will have an epoch-making significance. After the mainnet goes online, it will become a mainstream currency without any surprises. Because so far, global investors have been paying attention to the hot spot of NGK for a long time, and after going online, NGK will be further promoted in a short period of time to promote the rise of NGK currency price.

3. NGK Admission for large institutions into NGK

As the popularity of NGK increases, more and more large organizations have recently begun to pay attention to NGK projects. After the NGK mainnet goes live, it will be deployed in major areas as expected for commercial landing. As the commercial scope expands, the commercial value of the NGK project will also increase. Most cloud storage companies and some investment institutions will also need NGK as a reserve, so the demand for NGK will further expand.

4. Investors hoard coins and reluctantly sell

The more the price of NGK rises, the more investors will hesitate to sell. At that time, the secondary market will consume a certain amount, which will pull the price again. After NGK becomes the mainstream currency, its position will be stronger and the consensus on it will be stronger, so The price of NGK is bound to skyrocket.

5. Increased demand for NGK

As the price of NGK continues to rise, the demand for investors to buy NGK will also increase, and the issuance of NGK tokens is limited. The more NGK buyers buy, the remaining NGK will decrease. , The supply exceeds demand, so it will further promote the price of NGK.

NGK has huge commercial value and a lot of potential users. In the days to come, there will be more institutional blessings. Therefore, the NGK mainnet will be very promising after it goes live!