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NGK introduces advanced database query functions, supports object-relational query language (NoSQL) similar to MongoDB, and introduces a new form of data processing, Google MapReduce. The NGK will provide database migration tools to quickly transfer traditional centralized databases to the blockchain databases.


What is modularity? For example, when we were young, we played building blocks. If we want to build a house, we don’t put it together from bottom to top all at once. Instead, we put together a horizontal bar, a vertical bar, a circle, etc. to form a window, a wall, a roof, and other components. These components are…

The crypto economy system and the control system of NGK have a common phenomenon. There is a set of parameters set by humans, which encode the trade-off decisions in the system. Under the crypto economy system, we regard the parameters subject to human supervision as the governance aspect.

It is important for NGK to clarify the governance aspect, and where possible, it is important that the effect of adjusting this parameter is relatively straightforward. …

The blockchain industry is so popular this year, whether it is fecoin or DEFI mining, they all skyrocket. After all, everyone is attracted by the YFI’s 12,000X mining return. Therefore, mining means catching the express train of wealth, which naturally attracts everyone’s attention.

As the current rising star, the NGK is well received by investors. After the mining boom gradually extinguished, the mining projects it created have set off a new round of mining boom in the blockchain field. Many users are creating new wealth stories through NGK.

NGK blockchain

NGK blockchain seizes the top mine and create unique assets

The NGK…

Blockchain is commonly used in the data structure of “block + chain”. In simple terms, the “block” refers to the overall package of transactions by the bookkeeper within a unit time, and the new block is connected to the previous block. Together, they form a blockchain.

Although this chain structure has the advantages of being relatively simple and quick confirmation, it also has inherited stubborn issues. First, it is difficult to improve the throughput, so the efficiency has always been low, and there can only be a single chain in the entire network, which cannot be executed concurrently. If the…

The operating process of consensus is a process when multiple parties (node ​​devices) calculate the same data (block). For example, NGK is a node that packages the block, broadcasts to all nodes, and save one by one.

Even if Ethereum 2.0 switches from PoW to PoS, it will speed up the consensus process, reduce the completion time for a single consensus, and increase the number of processing units within a unit time. The limitation of PoS is obvious under the face of massive computing needs.


With that, under each blockchain structure, the model in the figure above will appear. All…

Recently, the NGK global held a grand roadshow event in New York, USA. The guests present included blockchain experts from the United States, Canada, and other countries, as well as the NGK community representatives and many well-known media.

At the beginning of the conference, the U.S. roadshow speaker, Viko shared the NGK’s recent phased results and its future development plans. NGK always puts the interests of users first by continuously optimizing and upgrading its products. The NGK platform will work sincerely with industry partners to create the greatest cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.

NGK global roadshow

After that, the invited guest Mike…

With the explosive growth of DeFi, it has now entered a competitive stage. Due to the very prominent contradiction between the explosive growth of demand and the bottom technology, the current development of DeFi is constantly changing. In particular, the congestion of Ethereum has formed the spillover effect of DeFi. In this context, NGKEX based on the NGK blockchain came into being.


Obviously, DEX is very important to the entire DeFi ecosystem. The NGKEX is the first DEX application on the NGK blockchain. It has successfully obtained on-chain resources on the NGK blockchain and is expected to become another new…

There are currently more than 6,200 tokens in the cryptocurrency market, and the numbers are still increasing, which can be applied to almost all application scenarios. You can use one coin to run DApps, conduct fund transactions more privately, and even drive the development of DeFi and blockchain gaming solutions.

But, how to judge whether a token is a good investment target? The NGK is currently a project that has attracted much attention. Its native token rose from the initial $0.0215 to $1.26, which took only half a year. …

On the evening of April 8, Meitu, a Hong Kong-listed company, issued an announcement stating that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Meitu Hong Kong had once again purchased Bitcoin as an investment in the open market transactions, with a total consideration of approximately US$10 million. The cumulative purchase amount reached the purchase limit of the investment plan in the previous announcement (i.e. US$100 million).

Prior to this, Meitu had purchased cryptocurrency twice on March 7 and March 17, but this time it did not purchase Ether as it did during the last two admissions. …

When you think about making money on Bitcoin, they are already making your money, even more than you.

Since the beginning of this year, not only Bitcoin has attracted much attention in the eye-catching market of cryptocurrency, but the related industries have also prospered. Naturally, exchanges and brokerages will obtain the most direct benefit.

The U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken is considering seizing the current favorable opportunity to go public directly in 2022. The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin has set a record for the exchange’s trading volume and the number of new customers. At present, the exchange has…


NGK blockchain

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