A new generation of decentralized NGK public chain leads a new era

DeFi can be described as the hottest distributed finance at the moment, and it mainly runs on the public chain by virtue of the non-tampered smart contract operation logic. It is completely decentralized, without human manipulation, everything is carried out on the chain, which is the asset on the chain.

On-chain assets can well realize the efficiency, privacy, convenience and security of blockchain wallets. In terms of security, asset information on the chain is equally transparent to all people. There are no strong parties, assets cannot be tampered with, transaction history can also be traced, and there is no possibility of fraud. In terms of transactions, smooth transactions in asset circulation stem from the openness, transparency and border lessness of assets on the chain.

NGK public chain

NGK can be fast and safe whether it implements DeFi operations or asset chain transactions. NGK is simple, safe, free to use, and the application speed is super-fast. It supports many functions such as account opening, payment, receiving, transfer, incentives and rewards required by the application.

The NGK public chain enhances the double encryption mechanism of public key and combination in terms of security, and provides multiple ways to verify and retrieve assets including mnemonic words and private keys. In addition, NGK enhances the user experience in all aspects and enhances the security of user assets.

NGK public chain

NGK solves the problems of full-dimensional payment, wealth consensus, personal privacy, and free social interaction for users and mechanisms around the world. At the same time, the blockchain point-to-point payment function is used to provide a value transfer platform and decentralized content distribution for payment, entertainment and social content.

The NGK public chain is based on the DPOS mechanism, which able to meet the needs of commercial applications and other applications on the market. DApp Store has multiple functions:

1. NGK main chain issues NGK tokens for mining, payment, social networking and commercial applications within the ecosystem.

2. Developers or application organizations can issue new currencies based on the NGK public chain, and can also issue currencies based on mapping contracts on other chains through the NGK platform.

3. The APP ecosystem fully supports NGK mining, circulation, application and exchange.

4. Now the APP wallet can carry out decentralized mining, decentralized storage, decentralized transactions to the next decentralized ecology, decentralized mini-games, decentralized mini-program page expansion function support.

NGK public chain

NGK DApp is designed based on the operating logic of the Android and iOS platforms, allowing global smartphone users to seamlessly switch to the NGK wallet APP, minimizing the user’s cost of use. This truly makes digital assets clear at a glance, making it easy for users to easily understand the current status of their digital assets on mobile phones and other devices to conduct financial operations such as mining or trading.

NGK is completely decentralized. It enhances the double encryption mechanism combining public and private keys, and provides multiple ways to verify and retrieve assets including mnemonics, private keys, etc. As long as the mnemonic or private key is effectively backed up, it is equivalent to preserving digital assets.

In mid-October 2020, a new generation of decentralized international borderless public chain NGK DApp decentralized mining, decentralized transactions, and decentralized storage will be launched.

NGK blockchain