A New Generation of NGK, Leading Enterprises and Users Win-Win Era

Public Chain is located as a blockchain operating system, providing basic technical support for the development of a variety of applications, is the core basis of blockchain technology landing applications. A high-quality public-chain project that can help many companies quickly lay out blockchains.

The NGK project was founded on an open, business-friendly, basic public chain called NGK.IO. To address the industry’s pain points in the development of global public chains, NGK.IO provides a near-no-fee system that supports high-volume, high-concurrent, scalable, large-scale public-ownership chains for global business applications. With the characteristics of “light, fast, and open”, massive concurrent transactions are supported and transactions are confirmed faster.

NGK blockchain

Moreover, NGK.IO covers digital assets and digital identity, build a common technology platform for enterprises and users, digitize assets, in the large-scale commercial application at the same time, also on this basis, fully combined with the advantages of commercial resources, create a NGK.IO public chain-based decentralized commercial landing application ecology.

Token, as an incentive reward mechanism, is designed to a certain extent, and determines the future of the project.

NGK.IO token function is one of the basic mechanisms of NGK.IO operation, NGK is the original token after the main network of NGK.IO, it is the driving agent of the whole system ecology, all based on the operation of NGK.IO, need to pay certain NGK, including but not limited to support application development, payment of application consumption, participation in consensus awards, payment of handling fees, etc. The banknotes paid for them are always within a reasonable range and do not exceed the reasonable range as the value of the NGK banknotes increases. The base rates are adjusted based on community votes.

NGK blockchain

In the consensus mechanism, NGK.IO has also been innovative, using the DPOSS upgraded by DPOS, the consensus node of the bottom of the blockchain adopts DPOSS to the consensus of the block, the number of nodes is 12. The DPOSS mechanism runs in the intelligent contract layer, when the node meets certain criteria, then the official approval of the application for the consensus node can be mortgaged for mining, official review whether to meet the basic configuration, conditions and other requirements, through the DPOSS mechanism will be used to the consensus node for voting election. Users vote on the consensus node of the campaign by holding a certain amount of NGK in the wallet for a certain period of time, and get some nodes with the largest number of votes as consensus nodes, at the same time, nodes are divided into nodes and alternative nodes mode (alternative nodes can also carry out mortgage mining).

In addition, in the NGK.IO ecosystem, NGK holders are allowed to obtain the corresponding computing power by mortgaging NGK.

1)The holder obtained the right to use the computing power by mortgaging the NGK, thereby obtaining the mining proceeds.

2)The computing power conversion ratio is determined by the NGK market price.

3)Users can freely choose the mortgage time and the unit of computing power.

4)User mortgage lock-ups can also be rewarded in currency.

Of course, the layout of the global business ecosystem also requires the full use of business resources. NGK.IO as a new generation of global business applications, layout of global business ecology, build a business platform including physical goods, virtual product payment, supplier joining system, as well as platform currency NGK payment and many other functions integrated.

NGK blockchain

All NGK holders can trade freely in contracts and pay and exchange physical and virtual goods, as well as virtual goods exchange between individuals and individuals, including virtual products such as digital electronics, phone calls, shopping cards and game props, that run almost through the entire e-commerce industry. Let the community users and various life consumption scenes to truly interact, to achieve a truly decentralized business application landing.

At the same time, the NGK.IO Foundation will screen out outstanding projects suitable for the NGK.IO public chain business system, and join other investment institutions to invest in incubating, enriching the chain ecosystem of NGK.IO.

On the road of global blockchain public chain development, a good business ecosystem, a large-scale business application underlying system, an innovative consensus mechanism and a perfect Token design mechanism are all a high quality public chain project, NGK.IO as a link enterprise and users of the global new business ecosystem public chain, gradually perfect in detail, fully integrate and integrate, effectively put the blockchain technology to the ground, help a lot of enterprises quickly layout on the blockchain, open the win-win era between enterprises and users.

NGK blockchain