A new project in the NGK computing power market — -VAST, risk-free and high-fold!

Among the top 50 tokens, almost half of the increase this month is more than 50%, and the monthly line has gone out of the state. This weekend, apart from a lot of gains, there is not much news to pay attention to, so at the end of this month, let’s relax and make a review. In the bull market, some people will earn faster. There will always be tokens that rise, and this phenomenon is normal. It is sad that some people feel jealous of others’ gains and make reckless decision. There are many factors that determine the price, not only the fundamentals, growth logic, but also the operation behind these tokens, the sentiments of speculators, etc. Many times, we do not understand the market’s pricing. For example, the recently launched VAST Visa coin. It is a sub-coin of the SPC computing power reward token launched by NGK.

Before the Defi mining boom, money was made by sacrificing sleep and jet lag to obtain the first-hand information and got dividends, but now it is different. Mining contains various risks and impermanent losses. In contrast, it is better to hold a high-fold Defi token. Therefore, VAST will be popular based on this. First, VAST is obtained by exchanging, with 10,000 Star value exchange for 1 VAST. This model is very similar to airdrop candy, because VAST is a sub-coin of SPC computing power reward tokens, in other words, VAST is an airdrop of the NGK computing power. Does airdrop need any logic? All you need to do is collect it. You can get the SPC computing power reward tokens by holding the NGK computing power, and you can get VAST by holding the SPC computing power reward tokens. Thus, VAST belongs to the assets of NGK computing power market, it is a value-added income. It is conservatively estimated that after NGK launches VAST, holding NGK computing power will have two or three times monthly income.

Besides, it is important to note that there are trading of derivatives based on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin under the approval of the US financial regulation in the US market. Thus, business and service facilities based on tokens such as Bitcoin are also being established in the market. This means that various products based on tokens such as Bitcoin are welcomed in the market. The financial regulatory leaders of the new US government also take a positive attitude towards the development of blockchain and tokens. Therefore, Bitcoin is not banned at least in the U.S. market.

NGK has long been filed by the SEC, and its new project, VAST in the computing power market can be said to be risk-free and high-fold.

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