After missing YFI and BGV, do you still want to miss SPC?

Since last year, wave after wave of airdrops has really set off wave after wave in the currency circle. Many users in the currency circle really make a lot of money, but there are also some outsiders who were jealous. After all, when you are still hesitating and wanted to participate in the market after seeing others making money, it was already too late. One must know that, last year’s airdrops have brought huge dividends, especially YFI and BGV, which really allowed eco-builders to make waves of profit one after another. Remember that BGV skyrocketed by 1,777.76 times the day after it was launched, which attracted the celebration of eco-builders who received the BGV airdrops again and again.

SPC airdrop

However, for those who have not received airdrop benefits previously, do not have to be discouraged. After all, good airdrops will still appear. Here, the official NGK that once airdropped BGV has recently started airdrops again!

NGK officially decided that 2 million SPC coins will be airdropped and distributed to NGK computing power holders in proportion to the amount of computing power held. As we all know, NGK officials are financially strong, so the activities launched by NGK officials are also very credible. In addition, the NGK blockchain is also very influential and can be known as an outstanding representative of the blockchain 3.0 era. The NGK blockchain has dual foundation supervision and is endorsed by the SEC. In terms of fund management, it can provide users with security guarantees. Therefore, it is not difficult to see from these two points that the SPC airdrop is very credible, and SPC is also extremely valuable. Therefore, ecological builders can quickly enter the NGK computing power market and obtain SPC airdrops.

SPC airdrop

So, how to get the SPC airdrop?

First of all is to become a holder of NGK computing power. The method to become a holder of NGK computing power is also very simple. You can choose static income or dynamic income by purchasing NGK computing power. It is worth noting that static income is a fixed income, and the holder of computing power can choose the level according to their own capital status where the higher the level, the higher the static income. The dynamic income is floating and will be rated according to the promotion status of the computing power holders. Similarly, the income is different for different levels. In addition, conditional computing power holders can also choose to conduct static income and dynamic income at the same time to maximize their income.

Secondly, remember to download the NGK blockchain wallet. The NGK blockchain wallet can be downloaded from the NGK official website. After the download is successful, the user only needs to register the account information and remember the private key to use it.

SPC airdrop

The last point is particularly noteworthy. Holders of NGK computing power should remember to follow these two websites or in real time to get the first dynamic.

At present, the date of the SPC airdrop is getting closer. Those ecological builders who are not yet ready must be prepared as soon as possible to become NGK computing power holders. In 2020, you have missed YFI and BGV. Then, in 2021, do you still want to miss SPC?



NGK blockchain

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