As a stablecoin issued by NGK, how does USDN influence the market?

Recently, USDN, a stablecoin issued by NGK, has become popular among the major communities. So, what advantages does USDN have that can cause such a sensation? Today we will analyze the USDN together.


USDN is a highly transparent algorithmic stablecoin issued based on the NGK blockchain. It ensures a constant price in the US dollar. The equity index and bond vouchers of USDN are used to ensure that USDN is constant at the price of USD. When the USDN price is higher than 1 U.S. dollar, the system will issue USDN to bond holders in order to increase the supply of stablecoin and reduce the price to around 1 U.S. dollar. However, when the price of the stablecoin is lower than 1 U.S. dollar, the USDN system will issue new bonds and purchase USDN from the market to reduce the total amount of USDN in circulation, and the price of USDN will rise to about 1 U.S. dollar.

When USDN has a severely negative premium, the system will distribute all the USDN tokens used to adjust the supply and demand relationship in the market to the holders of the USDN equity index. As for the distribution method, it will be based on the proportion of equity index held by users or institutions.


USDN is independent and it has no interest to any exchanges. The USDN has been launched on more than 25 exchanges. Among many of stablecoins at present, USDN is a stablecoin with the highest expandable market value and the best liquidity in the world.

In addition, USDN can also be used to obtain NGK tokens at low cost on the NGK digital gain platform. The NGK digital gain platform allows investors to invest in 13 types of mainstream digital tokens (e.g. BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, BSV, XRP) and other mainstream currencies to obtain the computing power of the NGK digital gain platform in a fair and just manner.

USDN can avoid premium risks in the market. It can also become a channel for users to obtain computing power on the NGK digital gain platform. In the future, USDN can also be used for various purposes such as purchase products in the NGK digital mall, cross-border payments, etc. However, to achieve more application scenarios, USDN still has a long way to go.



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