As the extension of blockchain technology, NGK business prospects are infinite

The blockchain is a global trust platform, its application industry is the vertical industry application above the “platform” framework. With the continuous development of blockchain technology, the commercial application development and value landing of blockchain are closely related to people’s life. NGK blockchain is a model of commercial application of blockchain technology.

NGK is released open-source through public-chain underlying technology, supporting millions of applications that aim to drive large-scale commercial applications based on blockchain technology. NGK is an extension of the blockchain technology, it gives every participating node the same status, so that users can freely publish and run a variety of decentralized applications, through the cross-chain module, simple and efficient realization of blockchain value exchange, user exchange, scene application exchange, and finally achieve ecological system co-construction, build value-added system.

NGK blockchain

For commercial applications, NGK blockchain technology applications include various industries, payment services, insurance services, privacy, social, entertainment, business services and many other areas.

For payment services, the application of NGK technology will greatly reduce the cost of cross-border payment areas. Adopting platform-stabilized currency USDN digital payment, cross-banking as the intermediary, the cost of cross-border almost minimal, which to some extent help cross-border demand of individuals or enterprises, institutions and so on to save a large part of the fees.

As to product traceability, employing NGK technology to ensure that the product in the hands of the user can be traced back to any part of the product. As far as the traceability of food safety is concerned, it is not only the product traceability at the industrial level, but also NGK the blockchain technology to let users eat safe and secure food, whether it is the food growth period, purchase period, packaging or sales, can trace the source. Traceability can also be traced back to drug safety and so on.

NGK technology can also help enterprises to achieve chain reform, data resources sharing, improve efficiency. people can also achieve data tracking through NGK technology, promote the development of artificial intelligence, and reduce the interference of thought factors to existing industries.

NGK blockchain

Certainly, the NGK blockchain in the commercial application not only here, here is not fully introduced.

As a blockchain infrastructure, NGK produces infrastructure industries related to itself, such as mining pools, trading, wallets and so on.

NGK digital gain platform, mining revenue. The Worker Proposal ecological fund pool of NGK blockchain reserves block producer mining NGK, for the blockchain community, ecological builders and DAPP developers. All the NGK in the pool, of course, comes from the exchange force.

NGK can also be used to pay, trade, for example, the NGK circulation of the eight sectors, purchase the commodities of the eight sectors, or exchange corresponding points; after the upper secondary trading market, NGK can exchange mainstream currencies and trade directly.

NGK blockchain

The wallet of NGK blockchain can also be applied to store currency, realize fast transaction, the functions of financial management, transfer, pledge and redemption of resources and so on.

NGK business prospects are infinite. In the near future, combined with 5G, AI, the Internet of things, it enables the life scenarios in science fiction film come to life, which is the goal of NGK efforts, as well as the more wonderful future of blockchain.

NGK blockchain