Baccarat project launched by NGK blockchain is leading the DeFi prosperity

DeFi is a broader concept. It refers to a decentralized protocol used to build an open financial system, which aims to allow anyone in the world to conduct financial activities anytime, anywhere. For innovative application scenarios such as DeFi and international payments, blockchains have unique advantages. With the help of new information infrastructures such as blockchains, a number of blockchain applications can be accelerated.

While providing the underlying support for assets, supervision, and financial data, the NGK blockchain has also recently launched the DeFi decentralized financial transaction system, completing the first liquidity mining platform built by the platform blockchain. Due to factors such as insufficient capacity and high thresholds have restrict the development of DeFi, NGK decided to develop the Baccarat project in this context.

Baccarat project launchedi n

Baccarat is a decentralized transaction protocol that keeps NGK at the forefront of blockchain technology innovation. It also launch a new currency namely BGV as a return on liquidity. At the initial stage, the currency cannot be purchased through the market, but allowing participants to hold on cryptocurrencies to earn liquidity BGV mining rewards. And BGV will be the first mine bonus in the Baccarat project.

A sensation has formed in the currency circle once the news is launched, and it is developing rapidly.

The DeFi project has extremely high requirements on the bottom layer of the blockchain. Efficiency, security, and decentralization are problems that all blockchains cannot avoid. At present, the NGK blockchain adopts cross-chain technology to achieve inter-chain interaction to meet the high-performance needs of financial transactions. On the premise of ensuring the security of the financial blcokchain and the non-rollback of on-chain transactions, the throughput of the blockchain has been expanded to achieve low latency.

In addition, the open side of the NGK blockchain is linked to provide users with customized services. This is also inseparable from the support of cross-chain technology. The advantage of cross-chain technology is that in addition to improving performance, it can also realize interconnection between chains, solve the current ecological island problem of mutual isolation between blockchain platforms, and greatly enhance the value transfer capability and application scope of blockchain.

NGK as an ecological fuel has an unlimited application scenarios

The token economy of the NGK blockchain is naturally one of the main concerns of everyone. The underlying ecological token of the NGK blockchain will use NGK. After NGK has a wide and mature community structure and good brand reputation, it will form a mutually empowering organic relationship with the NGK blockchain.

At present, the DeFi launched by NGK has launched NGK and USDN trading pairs, and the circulation of the two currencies is realized by the trading of NGK and USDN. In the Baccarat system, only supply and demand determine the market price. There is a dynamic balance algorithm in the Baccarat contract, which will calculate the ratio of NGK and USDN according to the ratio pool, and then obtain the amount of currency exchanged through the change of the ratio, and complete a new round of pricing. Simply put, when the amount of system in the proportional pool is small, the slippage pricing varies greatly. If the volume in the proportional pool is large, the price difference is small. There is a small gap in the number of currency exchangers receive. That is to say, the transaction initiated by the convertor will change the price of NGK, which will result in a change in the total number of coins in hand.

NGK as a blockchain ecological fuel has an unlimited application scenarios

Since the establishment of NGK, whether it is a mining project or a DeFi liquidity mining project, the market is very hot. The success of the NGK project is determined by multiple factors, such as technological innovation, network effects, and economic incentive models. The resource-concentrated NGK has comparative advantages and strong network effects. At present, it has gathered a large number of users and capital, which is beyond the reach of other blockchains.

The NGK blockchain is completely open and born for financial efficiency. NGK is bound to lead DeFi to prosperity!

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