Big reveal! Is the NGK blockchain a “cannibalism” scheme?

What are players most afraid of in this fiercely competitive crypto industry? One is to invest in the wrong token, and the other is to find the wrong platform. The former lost money, while the latter trapped in the abyss. However, schemes are not uncommon in this fiercely competitive crypto industry. There will always be projects that runaway and there will also be emerging platforms with valuable prospects. This cycle goes back and forth, and it hurts the players’ brains.

Previously, the Muso blockchain appeared on the Internet and attracted attention. It claims to rely on the Macedonian Block Finance Company and has a strong background. However, behind the so-called strong background, it is a platform that does not even have an official website and holds a fake license.

NGK blockchain

In addition to the lack of credibility, its business model also raises doubts. It was originally supposed to allow players to trade independently, but it has become a method to attract more players by depositing coins to earn interest and continuing to earn income. Smart people can see that this is a living scheme, and there is really no explanation.

However, the players in the market are so annoyed that they don’t know how to distinguish between funds. Moreover, the platforms on the market are uneven. They all claim their platforms are powerful and they are the best. How can we distinguish them? Later, they became afraid of blockchain and thought they were all schemes. For example, they are looking at the NGK blockchain and thinking it is a scheme. So, is the NGK blockchain a scheme? Let us find out from the following content.

NGK blockchain

The best way to distinguish between funds is to see if you can withdraw at any time. The schemes will generally try their best to drag users in various ways, so that users can withdraw cash only after a certain period, otherwise they will not be profitable. The user’s digital assets on the NGK blockchain can be taken out at any time. The digital assets are kept separately in the user’s wallet, and the wallet has a public key and private key. The private key is only kept by the user and no one can change it. In addition, the NGK blockchain wallet adheres to the principle of decentralization to prevent hacker attacks and tampering by insiders, protecting the security of users’ digital assets

Secondly, look at whether there is a bonus system and money-making function in the schemes. For example, the Muso blockchain uses a bonus system and fixed income to attract users, but it is not supported by other projects, so it is obviously a scheme.

The NGK blockchain is an open platform for all users. It is open, fair, and transparent. All users can participate in the token transactions, memory transactions, and computing power transactions on the NGK blockchain. At present, the NGK blockchain has only one fixed income, which is the static income in the computing power market. As for the other projects, users have to participate by themselves.

At the same time, the NGK blockchain has powerful profit-making functions. Imagine that the NGK blockchain has been launched for half a year, and there have been multiple airdrops of BGV, SPC, and VAST. These airdrops are distributed for free. At the same time, the NGK’s Dapp game, Calling Hippo also issues the NGK tokens for free. If NGK is a scheme, how can it issue so many tokens for free? If these airdrops and the R&D of projects in various fields are eliminated, how much profit can the NGK blockchain earn?

Third, circulation. If a token cannot be circulated, then it can only be a speculated bubble without value. At present, all the tokens on the NGK blockchain, including NGK, BGV, SPC and VAST, are listed on the world’s leading exchanges and will be circulated to the secondary market. In addition, these tokens will also be circulated in the Dapp mall in the future for the purchase of goods. Thus, they are all valuable tokens and have great value prospects.

In addition, the NGKEX was recently launched by the NGK blockchain. Users can conduct crypto trading, OTC trading, leveraged trading and contract trading through NGKEX. All digital assets and transactions are truly visible.

Therefore, the NGK blockchain is definitely not a scheme! ! !

NGK blockchain