Bitcoin adjustment to be continued, VAST is ready

Starting from October 2020, Bitcoin has entered a skyrocketing phase. By January 2nd and January 8th, 2021, Bitcoin stood at $30,000 and $40,000, while January 8, 2021, it achieved a record high, reaching $4,1940 at one time. This is an increase of more than 9 times compared with the lowest point of $4,944 of Bitcoin in March 2020.

As of now at 11:22 on January 27, the current price of Bitcoin is $31,797.04, a drop of 1.54% within 24 hours and a drop of 7.33% in the past 7 days. Regarding the current trend of Bitcoin, some analysts believe that Bitcoin is currently in an adjustment stage, and they believe that it can re-enter the market after it is further reduced.

VAST tokens

However, some analysts believe that this round of Bitcoin’s downward adjustment may only be the beginning, and there is still a lot of room for the downside in the future.

Compared with Bitcoin, Ethereum seems to be luckier. Many market analysts believe that Ethereum is still in the upward trend a few days ago, and the current big trend is still going upwards. However, the short-term correction depends on the trend. Although the overall volatility of Ethereum has been large recently, it is still a potential buy after its adjustment to a certain point.

Other than mainstream tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, most tokens on the market seem to have entered the callback phase. According to some official statistics, among all 3680 mainstream tokens on the market, 2328 are undergoing a correction and only 1,352 are still rising.

VAST tokens

However, the decline does not mean that these tokens have a bad outlook. Recently, the upcoming VAST token created by the NGK official has attracted the attention of many ecological builders before it went online. Some organizations have expressed their willingness to participate in the mining of NGK computing power market to obtain VAST tokens.

In fact, there are traces why VAST tokens became popular before they went online. First of all, the VAST token is created by the NGK Spirit Stone team, and it is integrated into the bottom technology of the NGK blockchain, which is superior to other tokens in terms of currency attributes and technical advantages.

VAST tokens

Secondly, the number of VAST tokens issued is only 100,000 units, and it will not be circulated in the market at the initial stage. This makes it extremely scarce, coupled with the NGK’s wide computing power market, it will have great future value.

In addition, VAST will also be put on the secondary market in the future. By then, the price of VAST will be doubled.

Therefore, instead of waiting for the token in your hand to rebound, why not to grab new token and obtain greater profits!

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