Bitcoin breaks all-time highs? BGV teaches you how to catch up with this blockchain craze with small funds

At 23:00 on November 30, 2020, Bitcoin broke through the December 2017 high of $19,666 per coin, setting a record high of $19,988. Although it has fallen back, until the time of posting, the total market value of Bitcoin reached 346.9 billion U.S. dollars, which has more liquidity and depth than the last bull market in 2017.

Although many investors are eager to try as Bitcoin continues to rise, the price of Bitcoin is higher after all. Even if it is a trial investment, a large amount of funds is required, which still makes many people hesitant. With the deepening of the blockchain industry, a new coin has begun to enter the consideration of investors, and that is the high-time coin BGV launched on the Baccarat platform.

Baccarat is a DeFi platform built on the NGK public chain. With the technical advantages of NGK’s new-generation public chain, it can solve the constraints of the Ethereum public chain of traditional DeFi projects built on Ethereum. It can reduce handling fees, save storage space, and support Million-level TPS transactions which bringing a good experience to users.

The launch of the high-time currency BGV is to improve NGK ecosystem. At the same time, it will bring more income options to the regular members of NGK. It is reported that BGV’s issuance method is the same as the previous popular token YFI in the DeFi section. It is obtained through liquidity mining rewards. There is no lock-up, no private placement, no banker, no group owner quota, in and out, holding the currency to earn interest. At the same time, BGV is also very scarce like YFI. The total issuance of BGV is only 60,000, and 10,000 of them are issued through airdrop rewards. Only 50,000 can be obtained through liquidity mining, and the daily maximum is 1500 pieces were released.

According to fei xiao hao data, after BGV went online, it reached the peak of the currency price of US$888.88 on December 4, and after several rounds of shocks, it reached the recent lowest price of US$320.99 on December 6. Since then, the BVG currency value curve began to grow slowly. As of today, the currency price of BGV is hovering at US$405.58. Compared with the initial currency price of US$0.5, the return on investment is 81016%. This is an excellent time to start. Because of the low period of the DEFI project, projects such as YFI and YFII will only have relatively low prices in the early stage. From the perspective of the investment price curve, the early stage will be a more appropriate start period. The market generally believes that BGV is expected to break through the $1,000 this week, catching up with YFI and YFII.

At the same time, in addition to buying BGV directly in the market, investors can also obtain BGV rewards by becoming NGK market makers and mining with Baccarat liquidity. This method of acquisition is very cost-effective compared to buying directly on the open market.