Bitcoin is the most attractive asset other than gold

On March 14, according to data from OKEx, Bitcoin broke through US$60,000 for the first time, with the highest price of US$61,829 per unit. Bitcoin’s skyrocketing is due to increased support from the company’s important figures, helping the world’s most popular token to continue breaking its record.

Many investors still question the value of Bitcoin, but ARK Invest believes that Bitcoin is the most attractive asset since gold.

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Ark Invest is an investment company founded by Wall Street investment queen Cathie Wood, known as the female version of Buffett. In 2020, Ark Innovation (ARKK) under Ark Invest has an investment return rate of 170%, making it the largest actively managed ETF on Wall Street. Its investment portfolio contains not only Tesla, but also Bitcoin (now transferred to ARKW).

Cathie Wood once publicly stated that, “Everyone is looking for a way to hedge against inflation, but there is nothing better than Bitcoin.”

This report by Ark Invest investigated the value of Bitcoin from multiple angles such as price history, investment opportunities, strategic layout, and institutional assets. The arguments are supported with facts and data. At the time of writing this analysis report, the circulating market value of Bitcoin is about US$200 billion, but as of this writing, the circulating market value of Bitcoin is about US$680 billion. The data is delayed but does not affect the conclusion of the analysis in general. Bitcoin still has huge room for growth.

NGK blockchain

It is estimated that by 2025, the market value of Bitcoin will reach 3 trillion US dollars.

Bitcoin may become an important savings tool in the emerging markets.

According to the historical growth rate, the daily trading volume of Bitcoin will surpass the U.S. stock market within 4 years and the U.S. bond market within 5 years.

When institutions evaluate the allocation of Bitcoin, the most important thing they look at is liquidity, and the liquidity of Bitcoin is often higher than other publicly traded stocks in general.

Institutional adoption may pose an existential risk to Bitcoin’s value proposition.

In general, Bitcoin provides the most compelling risk-return curve in assets, making it an excellent investment product.

NGK blockchain

When investing in Bitcoin, we must go to a professional trading platform. Considering many factors such as safety, stability, liquidity, etc., we recommend the industry’s leading platform, NGKEX, which mainly provides Bitcoin to users around the world. It also provides spot and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as coin, Litecoin, and Ether, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world. The encrypted token represented by NGK is one of the representatives. The NGK uses blockchain technology to create encrypted assets to replace currencies with high inflation. The NGK official has recently launched the SPC and VAST projects to promote the liquidity of NGK computing power. It is predicted that NGKEX will become a world-class digital encryption trading platform within five years!



NGK blockchain

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