Coinness interviewed representatives of Baccarat consultants to learn more about Baccarat and high times currency BGV

3 min readDec 18, 2020

Recently, Coinness, Washington Financial News and many other media reported the news of BGV’s launch on A network.

Baccarat is a decentralized finance (DeFi) service project, which started in November 2020. At the beginning of the launch, it received widespread attention, and its total assets were close to 9 million US dollars within 24 hours after the launch. The special feature is that, unlike the existing DeFi service, it was born after a long-term economic model and technical research. The research comes from experts in finance, blockchain and IT.


Recently, blockchain media Coinness conducted an in-depth interview with Diana, the consultant representative of Baccarat, a popular American star project. The following is the detailed of the interview content.

Q: Can you briefly introduce the Baccarat team?

Answer: The Baccarat team is a professional organization composed of various experts who have worked for Oracle, Google, derivative product experts and blockchain technology companies. All team members are people who are eager to use blockchain technology to give birth to a new financial ecosystem, and are developing various services, focusing on the combination of traditional finance and blockchain technology.

Q: Although it has been the hottest in the DeFi market recently, however, many investors still don’t know the details. How would you describe Baccarat?

Answer: It is a decentralized financial aggregator. It can be said that this is a service that improves user convenience by integrating the liquidity of various decentralized financial services into one platform while reducing the entry barriers into the entire decentralized finance.


Question: What issue does the project use blockchain technology to solve?

Answer: It solves the issues of slow block production, network congestion and high handling fees encountered by users when investing in Ethereum-related projects.

Q: How does it solve?

Answer: Through the BFT-DPOSS core algorithm and the smooth network characteristics of the NGK blockchain itself, and the current handling fee is set between 0.2%-0.

Question: Total amount and stage of coin issuance

Answer: The total amount of BGV is 60,000, of which 10,000 are airdropped, and the remaining 50,000 are flowed out through liquidity mining.


Q: As various DeFi services are emerging rapidly. In the current DeFi market, what do you think are the most needed services?

A: I think the biggest attraction of the DeFi market lies between combination and complementarity. In the process of combining attractive DeFi services (such as Compund, Aave and Synthetix) with each other, new effects of the ecosystem may emerge. However, from the user’s point of view, if each service is to be combined and used, a rather troublesome process is required, and the additional cost is not too high.

Therefore, in order to further develop the current DeFi market, it is necessary to focus on lowering the user threshold by integrating various DeFi products more easily and allowing more people to use DeFi services.