DeFi to be continued, while NGK makes a debut

In 2020, all developers and investors in the cryptocurrency indsutry have focused on DeFi.

Traditional blockchain projects encountered bottlenecks in the recent years. The market urgently needs new blood to break the stagnation of the blockchain ecology.


The continuous development of blockchain technology in the recent years has promoted the surge of DeFi since 2019. All funds and teams are drove to participate in this huge gamble.

More investors are focusing on the decentralized finance with the upsurge of DeFi and the profits brought by the decentralized finance. While focusing on DeFi, they are also looking for new investment goals and the existing innovative projects, such as the NGK blockchain.

NGK blockchain has attracted much attention following the upsurge of DeFi. This is because it simplified the use of DeFi, deeply integrated with the DeFi protocol and used the community as a powerful shelter.


NGK has the function of DeFi. It empowers the DeFi with its technical and ecological advantages, and provides an excellent experience for the developers and participants of DeFi. Therefore, it expands the operation and development of the DeFi market, as well as the application boundary of DeFi.

In addition, NGK has a global market layout in terms of market promotion supported by multiple capitals and the funds from platform. Currently, the project party takes 15 million units of NGKs to carry out the super community start-up plan. It has comprehensive online and offline supports. Besides, large-scale promotion promotes the market of NGK, and with that, DeFi will be promoted too.

NGK blockchain

The biggest advantage of NGK blockchain is the market consensus. Any business and individual can be applied to the bottom layer of this blockchain. At the same time, NGK is a complete and open ecosystem, which benefits the external and DeFi users.

After the NGK blockchain is launched, NGK team will remain and adhere to the principle of free accounts, so that more users can participate. The NGK team will iteratively update and enhance the project. On the other hand, DeFi will be more active with the entry of more mainstream market users.

NGK blockchain