DeFi tokens have repeatedly set new highs. Does bull market NGKEX worth the layout?

With the overall upturn of the cryptocurrency market, major DeFi tokens have repeatedly achieved new highs. Among them, UNI broke through US$13, AAVE reached a new high, and the ranking of BGV market value is also rising. Previously, DeFi has undoubtedly been the rising star that performed the most in the entire crypto market, and its popularity has always been high.

Behind the general rise of DeFi tokens, some people are happy, and some are sad. Those who lay out in advance make a fortune, and those who missed the opportunity feel sadder than losing money. Once again, the players are being told by the market: we must layout in advance to get rich returns.


At present, several major DeFi projects have emerged, and there is a greater risk of chasing high. In contrast, laying out early DeFi projects in advance is the best strategy to outperform the market. However, the key to the problem is how to find that pearl in the vast sea of ​​DeFi? NGKEX, which debuted in a bull market, may save users from making detours.

Recently, NGKEX built by the NGK blockchain has been launched, simultaneously introducing the currency trading, contract trading, OTC trading and leveraged trading. Besides, all on-chain tokens of the NGK blockchain such as NGK, BGV, SPC and VAST can also be traded here.

If you missed the promising and profitable Baccarat mining, don’t worry, because NGKEX can also bring you high profits. The NGKEX belongs to the DEX field, and DEX is a particularly important part of the DeFi field. In other words, the NGKEX also belongs to the DeFi field. In NGKEX, you can participate in multi-pool mining of NGK/USDN, BGV/USDN, SPC/USDN and VAST/USDN.


These are just some appetizers. With reference to the current DeFi development trend, the NGKEX will inevitably move frequently on this track, relying on its strong ecological resources and traffics to create a new wave of opportunities for wealth creation.

The most sensible approach for ecological builders is to understand NGKEX in depth, so that they can attack at the right time and make profits as soon as possible.

So, why do we suggest you participate in mining through NGKEX? This is because NGKEX has unique advantages.

As we all know, liquidity mining started with Ethereum, but it is also restricted by Ethereum. Every ecological builder who has participated in liquidity mining knows that the current performance bottleneck of Ethereum severely restricts the further development of DeFi.


Its high handling fees and network congestion have brought extremely poor trading experience to ecological builders and even large institutional users. Although Vitalik Buterin is solving the problems of Ethereum, it will take a long time. If ecological builders have been waiting, I am afraid they will miss great wealth opportunities.

In terms of liquidity mining, the NGKEX provides many solutions that are more friendly than Ethereum. For example, the NGKEX adopts the DPOSS consensus mechanism, which effectively reduces gas fees. At the same time, it also incorporates graphene technology, the block can be produced within 3 seconds, and the TPS can reach 12,038 transaction/sec. In addition, the NGKEX also uses IPFS to support large-scale transactions without network delays. In addition, the NGKEX has opened the TRC20 channel, so that users can make transfers within seconds without any fees.

In general, the NGKEX has built a bridge that allows all ecological builders to participate in the DeFi mining with a low threshold. Compared with Ethereum, users can conduct various low-friction transactions in NGKEX.

Currently, the NGKEX has opened multiple mining pools for mining and provides various types of transactions. The NGKEX will continue to support various DeFi applications in the future. Whether you are an institutional or retail investor, you can participate in the DeFi liquidity mining at NGKEX with low threshold and low cost.

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