Driven by the VAST ecosystem, the incremental effect of NGK’s computing power is showing!

After the news of the VAST launch, the price of NGK computing power has been increasing. This is because VAST requires VAST star value for exchange, and VAST star value requires SPC computing power reward tokens. The SPC computing power reward token is released by NGK computing power for mining, so the current market is very enthusiastic about buying the NGK computing power. The premium effect has caused the increase of NGK computing power.

NGK’s computing power

For those who have not enter the market, you should enter as soon as possible. The specific steps are as follow.

(1) Create an account. You need two mobile phones to operate. Go to the official address to download.

(2) Download the mobile App and register with your email or mobile phone number. Ask the recommender for the recommendation code. Enter the code, create an account, set your username (8 letters or numbers), login password (case letters + numbers), transaction password (6 numbers), and use another mobile phone to take a photo of the mnemonic word. Then, enter the mnemonic word one by one to verify it. Once the account is created successfully, go to “My Account”, export the mnemonic word and private key separately, copy + screenshot and make a backup. To invest in computing power for the first time. Withdraw USDT from the exchange (minimum 230U, go to the ERC20 port) → convert to USDN in the asset interface → purchase computing power (platform price) or computing power market purchase (purchase directly in the selling order section, the quantity is unlimited; if you choose to buy, go to the buying order section to post the request, set the unit price, and the amount of 22 computing power is appropriate); purchase the remaining USDN to NGK. Then, purchase the memory and ensure that the memory color is green. You can create multiple accounts in the same App (investment is successful, “invite to join” has your own referral code, account management → upper right → the plus sign +, create an account), you can switch accounts, and transfer assets among them! After creating the account, be sure to export the mnemonic word and private key separately, copy + screenshot and make a backup.

NGK’s computing power

After purchasing the computing power, you can mine the SPC computing power reward tokens in accordance with the official NGK rules. If the ecological builders enter the market earlier, they will also receive airdrops for related currencies, such as BGV tokens and SPC tokens. After NGK’s total network computing power reaches 8 million, it will issue VAST star value to the corresponding account based on the SPC computing power reward token held, and the ecological construction participants can exchange 10,000 Star value to 1 VAST.

In addition, UICI, the parent company of the NGK blockchain, has a SEC license, so you can be rest assured that there is no black swan incident. The SEC agency is the regulator that fined EOS Pomelo with US$24 million and caused XRP Ripple to plummet by 25 billion.

NGK blockchain