Fox News and many other media live broadcast the 2021 NGK NYE party

At 22:30 on December 31, 2020, California time, the NGK NYE party jointly organized by the NGK and UICI was held in San Francisco, USA. The purpose of this event is to thank the NGK global users for their supports. Many media such as Fox News and Washington Times attended and reported the entire event.

The Washington Times stated that the official website of NGK will live broadcast the NYE party with the theme entitled ‘carnival’, which is different from the previous NYE parties. The 2021 NGK NYE party hopes that everyone will be involved, and the participating guests can enjoy the party with DJ dance floor and other wonderful performances.

2021 NGK NYE party

The Fox News stated that the core figures of the UICI and the core members of the NGK Spirit Stone team were present. Ms. Hannah White, the chief financial officer of UICI, delivered a speech at the party. The users can watch the live broadcast and comment through the NGK official website. The NGK also uploaded the highlights of the party to its official website and YouTube, so that users who failed to watch the live broadcast in time can visit the NGK official website or YouTube.

A reporter from the Washington Times asked, has NGK made any major moves recently?

The NGK representative stated that the most popular project of NGK recently is the BGV project. The BGV token is an exclusive token issued by the NGK DeFi projects, which has received widespread attention since they opened up for trading. The total official issuance of BGV tokens is currently 60,000 units, of which 10,000 units of BGV tokens have been distributed to the active NGK accounts through airdrops. The final distribution rule of BGV tokens is that 1% of the handling will enter the liquidity pool for distribution. At the same time, the BGV will perform mining according to the liquidity pledge (LP). The current highest daily outflow of BGV tokens is 277 units. The distribution is based on the proportion of liquidity pools and the proportion of individuals, while the proportion of the entire network is recorded every half an hour. Then, the final statistics are obtained after weighted distribution.

2021 NGK NYE party

Nevertheless, many big names and blockchain experts have expressed their congratulations to this NYE party, as well as the committee of the U.S. ACM Practitioner Board and the blockchain expert committee from the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) have sent their congratulatory messages.

We wish that NGK will continue to expand and develop in the future and truly realize the blockchain ecology with long-term application value.

2021 NGK NYE party

During the interview, the NGK representative also stated that in addition to the most popular BGV project, the NGK officials also launched many ecological projects such as the Calling Hippo project, blockchain project, and Laser Project in 2020.

The core members of the meeting stated that in the new year of 2021, the NGK will continue to update its technologies and develop greater projects, to fulfil and satisfy the NGK’s participants involved in the ecological construction.

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