How does NGK Global create a new landscape in the blockchain industry?

Since ancient times, humans have explored different fields and dreamed of one day crossing the future. In the context of the era of pluralism, such an idea is no longer wishful thinking. With the continuous progress and perfection of science and technology, human beings and the world’s map is being re-divided and reorganized, those living individuals and tens of thousands of human intelligent inventions, can be in the form of nodes and blocks, into a specific formula, so that human time and cost without scruples into the intelligent contract as the premise, to the subversive model as the goal of a series of changes. So, in the context of this premise, NGK Global came into being.

NGK Global

NGK Global will be a de-centralized blockchain ecosystem where individuals, businesses, and merchants can participate in depth. NGK Global maximizes the rights and interests of users, protects user ownership of assets, and tracks and traces all transactions. This makes the information in the system will not be faked, tampered with. This helps to avoid the risk of a large number of personal information theft of the centralized system, on the other hand, to ensure the security of user transactions and the security of assets.

Launched by USA International Covenant INC, NGK Global broke with the traditional real-estate development model and created a new business model to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan and other countries and regions solve operational problems and deploy the Global Industrial Department. The blockchain and traditional industrial innovation model broke out in an all-round way. By the end of 2020, 1 million members of the NGK Global community are expected.

NGK Global

NGK Global draws on the advantages of many blockchain systems, incorporates a number of innovative technologies, and forms a new blockchain network architecture that can be interconnected with information and value interoperability, with both the characteristics of the decentralization ability and the requirements of performance.

NGK Global has inherited the excellent design ideas and proven technology of each blockchain. In the consensus algorithm, data transmission, block management and other aspects have done the corresponding innovation and landing practice. NGK Global’s business model is highly disruptive and the ecosystem is rich in diversity. In the context of the STO filing, NGK tokens can be said to have been transformed, by all the people of the world holding NGK certificate to jointly maintain NGK Global, in the world to serve NGK Global as the main body of various industries. “Innovation and development, co-management” to build NGC Global industrial ecology, it will be launched in October and linked to the world.

NGK blockchain