How does NGK mainnet operate the smart contract?

After two years of continuous development, the NGK mainnet was officially launched on October 14th, California time. NGK is surging upwards after it was launched, and many NGK investors have already made a fortune with it. With the optimistic view, NGK has more investors, and the amount of deposits continues to rise. A few days ago, NGK’s total network deposit for USDT increased from 7 million yesterday to more than 8 million today, and the mining cost has also increased from 0.1347U yesterday to 0.1617U now. In terms of transaction price, NGK rose from 0.5U yesterday to 0.62U. In the future, NGK will continue to surge due to its broad market prospects and high-end technical supports!

NGK smart contract

Currently, there are many ways for investors to make profits from NGK. Apart from buying NGK token for trading, some investors even buy and sell NGK memory RAM to make money.

Regardless of whether the investors make token transactions or purchase RAM on NGK, all transaction data is open and transparent and they can be queried on the NGK.IO mainnet. This is related to the smart contract operating mechanism of NGK. So, how does NGK run the smart contracts?

NGK.IO model covers the key technologies in the full life cycle of smart contracts, and on the other hand, it also divides the key elements in the smart contract technology system in detail. This reflects the research and development trend of smart contracts, and also provides a reference and foundation for the establishment and improvement of smart contract research systems.

NGK smart contract

According to its operating mechanism, the life cycle of a smart contract can be summarized into six stages: learning, negotiation, development, deployment, operation and maintenance, and self-destruction. The development phases include the contract testing before the contract is deployed on the chain, while the learning phase includes the feedback of smart contract operation and the contract updates. The model is composed of infrastructure layer, contract layer, operation and maintenance layer, smart layer, presentation layer and application layer from the bottom up.

NGK.IO has added both a blacklist and a whitelist to the governance of smart contracts. The developers of smart contracts must submit a professional evaluation through the official website, and they can obtain a technical contract certification. The malicious smart contracts will be voted out and blacklisted to protect the mainnet from any contract loopholes. With this operating mechanism, the investors can query the real transaction information when they make a transaction, and NGK can obtain the trust from its fans and investors in order to go further in the future blockchain market!



NGK blockchain

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