How to use stablecoin USDN to make profits?

Earning profits with stablecoin USDN is divided into three steps. There needs to be a general understanding of the stablecoin USDN before it is launched: why invest in USDN? What is its risk and profitability? What are the advantages of other stablecoins?

USDN is a stablecoin issued NGK.IO the blockchain. It is not online yet, the entire blockchain is not online, but on the eve of a chain, many players in the community are ready to enter the game. This is a currency known as the constant anchoring of the dollar, that is, there is absolutely no premium to be stable.

stablecoin USDN

Why is there no premium? Since it not only adopts the method of corresponding account assets of the same Tether company to ensure the exchange, but also adopts the game means of market makers in the Defi market, which greatly alleviates the running and asset pressure by eating part of the exchange demand through supply and demand.

According to the discussion in the community, NGK is about to go online. At the time of launch, the platform will launch a large number of welfare activities to users, so USDN as a ticket to participate in the activities, played an important role in the entire ecosystem.

NGK users of the blockchain will become users of the platform. Because USDN and NGK are seamlessly convertible, users can earn income by NGK converted into USDN, and can exchange other digital currencies through USDN.

stablecoin USDN

The second step is to dig ore and become the interface of the NGK.IO blockchain. The total number of NGK, issued by the whole system is constant, of which 940 million will be put into the mining of the platform, releasing 150 million output through computing power every year, which means that nodes will earn a lot of NGK income through computing power. The attraction is huge.

Certainly, to become a node on the NGK.IO system, a certain condition is required. Interested players can follow and join the NGK community for the detailed conditions,.

The third step is to hold USDN. lot Since the supply of USDN is bound to NGK, the increase in NGK will also increase the number of USDN. To ensure USDN and dollar anchoring, the system will begin to issue additional USDN, and the additional USDN will be feedback to the holder in the form of equity index.