Is NGK project regulated?

As the hottest technology outlet and investment bandwagon, blockchain has gathered a great many companies, exchanges, businesses and derivative upstream and downstream industries, as well as a large amount of stakeholder community of programmers, miners and investors. Blockchain has long been a huge and socially indispensable software ecosystem. How to maintain the healthy development of blockchain technology to ensure the stable and sustainable development of the world is not only a problem faced by governments, but also a problem for each blockchain project party to think about and solve. As a brand new blockchain 3.0 blockchain NGK, there is no regulatory problem, so how does it make it?

is NGK project regulated

From the compliance point of view, NGK, in order to make the project investment more legal and standardized, adopts the STO token economic model to link the financial market of the blockchain industry. NGK has filed compliance under the supervision SEC the securities and exchange commission (the USSFC is a government committee established by the us congress to oversee the securities market and safeguard the interests of investors) and applied for Regulation D exemption regulations that fully meet the regulatory requirements of the USSRC.

STO refers to Security Token Offering, that is, financing through the securities token, the benchmark is once ICO. STO is a legal compliance ICO from the perspective of USA-registered companies. Such securities are usually backed by real assets, such as equity in assets, shares in limited liability companies, or commodities. The holders of securities-type tokens may acquire the ownership or shares of the enterprise. Based on the development of blockchain technology, securities-based tokens can already be authorized for the first public sale. Securities issuance is governed by federal regulations.

is NGK project regulated

In addition, securities-type tokens are used to pay dividends, income, interest, or through investment in other tokens to bring benefits to the holders of tokens. They are tradable financial instruments of monetary value. Public equity, private equity, real estate, management funds, exchange funds, bonds are common examples of securities-based tokens.

NGK is issued through the United States Securities Commission to accept the global mainstream supervision, which can protect the interests of the majority of investors, but also will continue to NGK the card more application scenarios. The future will also be in finance, payment, real estate, tourism and other areas of strategic industrial layout.

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