Is NGK reliable? NGK White Paper analysis

The white paper is an important way to understand a project, from which we can analyze whether a project is reliable or not. How to analyze the white paper, generally from the project overview, team introduction, project advantages, token allocation four directions. Next, let’s take the NGK project as an example and illustrate the NGK white paper.

NGK White Paper analysis

Project profile

As a new generation of commercial fundamental blockchain, NGK has its own Turing complete programming language and operating environment, which is a decentralized operating system with distributed storage. NGK provides a free account system as an underlying operating system, as well as authentication, databases, asynchronous communication, and program scheduling on hundreds of CPU and clusters, applying NGK blockchains to eventually form a blockchain decentralized architecture.

Team introduction

NGK blockchain is developed by Spirit Stone team, which is the top technology development team in Silicon Valley. Its members have worked for Intel, Cisco, Oracle and other leading tech companies, belonging to one of the pioneers of the U.S. distributed storage and smart contracts to design underlying credit protocols. It has undertaken the construction of a number of P2P networks, with a wealth of work experience in IoT, blockchain industry.

NGK White Paper analysis

Project advantages

When it comes to project advantages, you must first mention the speed of trading. NGK the graphene technology with DPOSS algorithm, DPOSS consensus algorithm not only avoids bifurcation, but also improves the cooperation of producers. while graphene technology has high throughput and fast transfer speed, the combination of the two makes the NGK blockchain TPS can reach a minimum of 5,000+ under the current various test conditions, and it is possible to expand to millions of times in the future.

Moreover, the NGK.IO turns out blocks to 21 block producers through DPOSS authorization, rewards block producers through resource consumption, avoids the inflation caused by additional issuance, and greatly improves efficiency. NGK adopts enterprise level server to guarantee the security and performance of NGK blockchain block producer network.

NGK White Paper analysis

Token distribution

NGK’s initial circulation is 1 billion tokens, the development team pre-dug 60 million coins, of which, STO recognized 35 million, unlock address reserve for 10 million, super community initiated 15 million. The remaining 940 million coins were dug out through a block. Each year, the block producers release 150 million tokens of fixed output, calculated in an average of 3 seconds / block, and the entire release period is 6 years and 98 days.

NGK blockchain, based on the DPOSS consensus mechanism, builds three systems of DAPP framework system, platform system and blockchain system, which can be applied vertically to more industries, such as social, tourism, real estate, transportation, medical and other industries, effectively boosting traditional commerce for circulation, building the foundation of future commercial value consensus, and creating a new world of global connectivity.

NGK blockchain