Is SPC airdrop a reward or risk?

In 2020, airdrops have made the crypto industry surged with many projects “spending money” in the airdrops. Those who have made more money in the airdrops have picked up a fortune in vain. The NGK official airdropped BGV at the end of 2020. Although the number is only 10,000 units, judging from the current market value of BGV, some ecological builders who have received airdrops have also made a lot of money, while the other who have not received the BGV airdrop can only sigh and blame themselves for not keeping up with the team. However, there is still a small number of people also questioned about the reliability of this airdropped money. So, is airdrop a reward or a risk?

Personally, I think this is a good question. Although airdrops are popular now, some project parties are indeed charging fees for airdropping tokens, so it is a good thing to be cautious. It is important to identify what is a real airdrop, and what is a fake airdrop, so that we do not miss the opportunity to pick up money in vain.

SPC airdrop

①Beware with the leakage of personal information. If the project party requires your personal mobile phone number, email address, or verification of bank card information, you must be aware and pay attention to protecting your privacy and security. Be careful with identity theft and stealing of mobile information.

②Inspect the project during exchange. Now, all airdrops require transaction records with the project party. Therefore, when “swiping for exchange”, please pay special attention to whether the other party is borrowing and gambling, especially when it involves complex operation such as loan mortgages and contracts. Inexperienced users should beware for not falling into the traps and losses.

③ Stay away from MLM coins. The ultimate goal of airdrops is to attract more users to pay attention to their projects, while some MLM coins may use this to attract new users and eventually asking you to invest more money and find more investors to gain commission.

④Background of the project party. Some project parties do not have many funds or strong background, so they may eventually run away with large amounts of funds.

SPC airdrop

Based on the above points, I believe everyone has a clear understanding of whether to participate in the airdrop. For example, BGV is suitable for participating in airdrops because its project party NGK has a strong financial background, and it is also regulated by the US SEC, so every official airdrop of NGK is true and effective. So, what should I do if I missed the BGV airdrop? The good news is that the NGK is going to airdrop 2 million SPCs to reward its holders. In other words, as long as you own the NGK computing power and become an NGK computing power holder, you will have the opportunity to receive the SPC airdrop rewards. The more computing power you hold, the more SPC you get. This is an opportunity to pick up money without any cost, and definitely a great new especially for the everyday investors.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that there are not many reliable projects like NGK with strong financial strength and supervision. Therefore, do not miss it when it is initiating an airdrop. The future value of SPC is huge, so getting an SPC airdrop will make your dream of wealth comes true.



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