Join NGK blockchain and create a new wealth story

3 min readApr 23, 2021


The blockchain industry is so popular this year, whether it is fecoin or DEFI mining, they all skyrocket. After all, everyone is attracted by the YFI’s 12,000X mining return. Therefore, mining means catching the express train of wealth, which naturally attracts everyone’s attention.

As the current rising star, the NGK is well received by investors. After the mining boom gradually extinguished, the mining projects it created have set off a new round of mining boom in the blockchain field. Many users are creating new wealth stories through NGK.

NGK blockchain

NGK blockchain seizes the top mine and create unique assets

The NGK blockchain seizes top mines, distinguish large coin holders, and eliminates the potential of selling pressure. The rise in currency prices will increase the difficulty of promotion. As mining continues, the difficulty of mining increases, and the NGK will become more and more difficult to be obtained. At the same time, the NGK blockchain ensures that users can enter and exit freely. It supports pledged mining, and the settlement rules of the mining pool are open and transparent, which can be queried. All rules are written on the chain through smart contracts.

Mining ecology: DEFI liquidity pledge mining

The success of BTC is the best explanation. It has unique design and an automatic digital network system. After ten years of experience, BTC has developed into a product with a market value worth US$200 billion. It goes without saying that the same is true for the NGK blockchain. In addition, during the rise of the DeFi concept, the NGK blockchain implanted the DEFI liquidity mining project (i.e. Baccarat) to create a thousandfold token (i.e. BGV) to bring new life to the NGK blockchain. With that, it has ushered in a new era in the mining industry.

Strong NGK autonomous community

The ecology of the NGK blockchain belongs to global community autonomy, it is flat and autonomous. All communities have the right to advocate the ecological development of the NGK blockchain, giving full play to their own advantages and combining the NGK tokens to jointly build an NGK ecology. The ecological development of NGK promotes the community development, and at the same time, the community is the best proof for the popularity of the NGK project. According to third-party statistics, since the launch of the NGK mining project, the community discussion of NGK mining has shown a straight upward momentum. In addition to the official NGK group, there are thousands of social groups, communities, and online sharing sessions. This popularity has prepared the fuel for the development of NGK ecology in the future.

Sufficient marketing and promotion to drive market enthusiasm

In addition to the self-propagation from the community, the NGK itself has also performed marketing and promotion for the NGK mining project. There are thousands of messages per day from the NGK communities, revolving around the NGK mining-related reports, rules, and mining progress news. At the same time, various media reports emerge in an endless stream. With the combined efforts of multiple parties, the performance of NGK mining is ready. Seeing that the tuyere effect has been formed, NGK is the thousandfold legend you seek.