Listed companies have entered Bitcoin and Ethereum. What is the prospect of Muso blockchain token?

It has been three months since January 2021. Within these three months, Bitcoin and Ethereum have undoubtedly become the two highlights of the cryptocurrency market.

The first is Bitcoin, which has skyrocketed and plummeted, repeatedly “jumping up and down”, allowing institutions to make a lot of money and retail investors to lose miserably. Then with Ethereum, the large institutions can still afford the high processing fees. The “unluckiest” is still the small retail investors. Not only did they not make money in the DeFi world but used the money to pay for the handling fees instead.

Muso blockchain token

However, even under such a general background, institutions are still rushing to enter the market. This is because they pay more attention to “certainty”, and perhaps due to the anti-inflationary demand under the background of global “loosen policies”, which makes Bitcoin’s the continuous expansion of adoption. With the continued drive of the DeFi boom on Ethereum, the institutions see the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Perhaps many institutions have seen the sweetness of those who entered the market early, so they have followed suit.

Especially after the “world’s richest man” Musk, who is the leader of Tesla Inc. suddenly announced the massive allocation of Bitcoin as the company’s asset reserve, causing the global capital to enter a subtle change.

However, unlike Wall Street’s purely speculative-driven financial “giants”, the asset allocation of listed companies needs to be unanimously decided by the board of directors and the shareholders meeting. All decisions are responsible for the collective shareholders, and they will not make decision based on willfulness. Furthermore, these are the real investments.

Muso blockchain token

Simply put, listed companies began to include crypto assets such as Bitcoin as part of their asset allocation because they saw their future.

Listed companies are still very rational. In addition to observing the rising trend of Bitcoin and Ethereum, they should also pay attention to tokens in other valuable spaces besides these two cryptocurrencies and examine this emerging token mechanism. For example, the Muso blockchain token, which has been speculated a few days ago. Although it was very popular when it was launched, the truth soon became clear. People discovered that this coin was just an air coin with no value prospects, and even users questioned its qualifications.

Muso blockchain token

Compared with the Muso blockchain token, more users and large organizations are concentrated about the NGK blockchain token. This is because the NGK blockchain tokens can land in the commercial field, they are tangible and valuable tokens. It will not have many bubbles due to the hype of some big players, nor will it plummet rapidly due to the suppression of some big players. Its trend is relatively stable, and it has risen steadily. At present, the NGK blockchain token has achieved a continuous rise for more than ten days, and there is still great value space in terms of fundamentals and technical aspects. Therefore, it is worth holding!



NGK blockchain

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