Losing in speculation? Why not grab the SPC airdrop!

The crypto market fluctuates greatly. On January 9th, Bitcoin fluctuated, and other tokens increased. Even the currencies that normally did not rise pulled out a leading increase of 10%-20%. The market was shocked. The bull market has come, but the joy has not lasted for a day. On January 10 (yesterday), the market went to the other extreme. The Bitcoin first rushed up after the opening yesterday, and then maintained a volatile trend. It began to fall at around 15 point, and it was just a small test. The price only fell to US$38,500 and then began to rebound. In the early morning, the market began a second wave of decline. The lowest point was nearly US$35,000, and then quickly rebounded to US$39,000, both long and short bursts. The first day fell by US$6000, and then rebounded by US$4000, the trend is ups and downs. At that time, someone exclaimed that when he woke up, he lost US$10,000! Hence, one year of speculation is not as good as losing money overnight.

SPC airdrop

However, on the other side of the market, some people were ecstatic, because the airdrops they obtained made a lot of money. As for the cost, it is zero. So, some people are surprised for such a good thing, while others began to ask bitterly whether such a good thing would happen again? Now, the good news is here again!

Recently, the NGK officially announced that it will airdrop 2 million sidechain tokens SPC to give back to the NGK computing power holders. This is definitely a great news for ecological builders. Think about it, there will always be losses when speculating in coins, and this loss can sometimes be huge, especially for small and medium-sized retail investors. However, the airdrops are different, as they can be obtained for free, which means zero cost. Just like this SPC airdrop, as long as the holder of NGK computing power hold the SPC tokens, you can obtain the SPC airdrops. When the price of SPC rises in the future, the SPC held in your hand will bring huge benefits. This is simply an opportunity to pick up money for nothing, so what are you waiting for?

SPC airdrop

For example, if you have 10 SPC tokens, and the price of SPC rises to $500, then you can make a profit of $5,000, and this is just a very conservative valuation. It is understood that SPC is a higher end token than the BGV token launched by the NGK earlier. The BGV skyrocketed thousands of times on the second day of its launch, while for SPC, the skyrocketing will be even higher! In addition, the NGK blockchain, as the main body of SPC, is a blockchain with great commercial value and a top representative of the blockchain 3.0 era. This means that in the future, more ecological industries and countries will use the bottom technology of the NGK blockchain. Therefore, the value of the NGK blockchain will rise to a higher level in the future, and the value of SPC will rise!

Therefore, we better grab the SPC airdrop than losing 10,000 US dollars in speculation!

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