Millions of SPC airdrops are coming soon, with monthly returns as high as 23%

The crypto market was lively in the past week. With the ups and downs of mainstream currencies, the hearts of players were fluctuating with the market. After all, the ups and downs of market are related to the players’ assets, while several companies are happy and some are worried, and some players even said that they will no longer speculate in this life. With that, some players have summed up their experience. They stated that it is better to grab an airdrop.

I remember that during the BGV airdrop, some people got hundreds of BGV, and they made tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars instantly the next day, which was really a huge amount. So, will such a good thing happen in the currency circle? The answer is of course.

SPC airdrops

Recently, the NGK officially announced that it will once again airdrop 2 million SPC tokens to reward the NGK computing power holders. So, how many SPCs will each NGK computing power holders get? What about the benefits?

According to the official announcement of NGK, the number of SPCs obtained by the NGK computing power holders is determined by dividing 2 million SPCs with the total network computing power.

For example, assuming that the total amount of computing power in the entire network is 5 million. If each computing power holder has one computing power, he or she can 0.4 SPC (2 million divided by 5 million = 0.4 SPC). If the computing power holder has 1000 computing power, he or she can obtain 400 SPC.

SPC airdrops

According to the actual data from the current airdrop, each computing power holder can obtain 0.363 SPC with one computing power, which means that if he holds 1000 computing power, he can obtain 363 SPC. This shows that the computing power of the entire network has increased than the official estimation.

At present, the price of SPC on the market has reached about US$1.5 per unit, and users with 1,000 computing power can obtain a profit of about US$570. In other words, this airdrop enabled all computing power holders to obtain 5.7% additional revenue.

SPC airdrops

With that, we can boldly guess if the official airdrops to the market at such a ratio for a long time, for example once a week, then we can calculate that each computing power holder can obtain a monthly revenue of 5.7%*4=22.8%. If calculated by one year, each computing power holder can obtain an annualized return of 5.7%*48=273.6%. This is really a considerable amount! In addition, the SPC will venture into the secondary market in the future. If the price of SPC in the secondary market continues to rise, the benefits are even more inestimable.

Therefore, for every NGK computing power holder, the more computing power you own, the more SPC you obtain, and the more profit you gain.

Therefore, every NGK computing power holder should increase their computing power as much as possible, and the ecological builders who have not entered the market should also enter the market as soon as possible.

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