New U.S. project: NGK cloud computing power products are grandly launched

3 min readSep 24, 2020

In recent years, as the value of Bitcoin has soared, the momentum of Bitcoin breaking through the sky has also enabled many of people become professional “miners” and join the ranks of “mining gold”. Various mining concept projects under the leadership of Ethereum made the blockchain industry restless throughout the first half of the year. Various types of mining coins have also achieved very dazzling results, with hundreds of times coins appearing frequently. In the second half of the development, there is a project that will become the highlight of the blockchain, and this is NGK. It is positioning in digital gold, and as the NGK main network is about to go live, we are one step closer to this subverting traditional project.

NGK is a new project in the United States. It uses the DPOSS authorization certificate to produce new blocks through super nodes. The super nodes integrate attributes such as mining machines, electricity, network, computing power, etc. This means that mining can be done through cloud computing power. Without need to purchasing physical mining machines, rent factories and pay a large amount of electricity to obtain digital currency. A block is generated in an average of three seconds, which can realize an easy mining mode.

New U.S. project

Several advantages of NGK cloud computing power mining:

Subversion of mining methods

As the leading digital currency, the value of Bitcoin is obviously seen to all, but we have to face the reality that Bitcoin is not perfect. The mining of Bitcoin physical mining machines has led to the outflow of its ecology to mining machine manufacturers and power companies. This is why it has been difficult for Bitcoin prices to break through the previous high in recent years, with trillions of values flowing out. Just imagine if these values return to the ecology, the value of Bitcoin is predictable. NGK uses cloud computing power in the mining model of Bitcoin physical mining machines to make the ecosystem more complete. As ordinary investors, we only need a DAPP to start a new era of value mining.

The value evolution cycle is shorter.

As we all know, the value of Bitcoin has risen tens of millions of times since its inception, but the entire upward cycle lasted for nearly ten years. For market investors, on the basis of “zero” perception, would you choose to invest your own funds in a 10-year long-term project? NGK is mining in the digital world. One of the great benefits of the digital world is that the currency value rise cycle becomes shorter. According to the comprehensive rating strength of NGK projects, it is likely to be hundreds of times thousands of times in 1–2 years.

New U.S. project

Multiple incentive promotion mechanism.

Although the Bitcoin ecosystem has been developing steadily, in recent years, we have found that the digital currency market has not yet received new funds, and the further expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem is facing a bottleneck. The most important reason for this is that Bitcoin does not have an incentive mechanism for promotion. NGK project has established a complete ecological incentive mechanism from the early stage of construction. Ecological co-builders enjoy multiple incentive mechanisms and promotion mechanisms, and the entire ecosystem is built by the whole people.

Broad application scenarios support value

Bitcoin is defined as a monetary system, and NGK’s focus is to build a public chain. Most of the blockchain projects can be developed and run on NGK, an undisputed global commercial application chain. Participate in mining as early as possible, the earlier you join, the higher the profit. The NGK project will be officially launched in October, so it can be said that it is the earliest stage of the NGK project. A popular project should be entered quickly in the early stage, so as to obtain higher profits later. Just as we never know where the end of Bitcoin is, we can never estimate the value of digital gold NGK.