News Report: NGK Global STO Yacht Gala, STO promotes the transformation of physical Industry

Recently, UICI, the founder of NGK, and the Spirit Stone team jointly organized the STO launch conference, and invited participants from various physical industries. With their dreams, beliefs, and passion, they put NGK into a new era together.

During the speech of UICI representative, he said that NGK Global had realized the circulation of production materials through the issuance of STO. The production was no longer monopolized, and people could realize their value. It had transformed the traditional production relationship and gradually created a new business model of data equity rights, distribution on demand, pay for work, and sharing economy.

NGK Global STO Yacht

It can be expected that the physical industry, powered by the NGK Global blockchain, will exhibit significant commercial and social value in the future of large-scale commercial applications. The representative also made a detailed analysis and outlook on the future market prospects and said that the project will continue to explore and achieve more functions, and bring greater value to social and economic development.

The representative of the Spirit Stone team delivered a keynote speech entitled “NGK Empowers the Real Economy through STO”. He stated that blockchain will be the core technology of the next 10 years. It will empower the real economy from the three directions: technology, business model and finance. The blockchain will reconstruct any industry with asymmetric information, unequal distribution and inadequate circulation. NGK Global’s network-wide token, NGK, is issued through STO which can connect all enterprises and achieve a win-win situation in a fair environment.

NGK Global STO Yacht

The representative of NGK community stated that NGK chose the physical industry for two reasons: first, the real industry has inclusive and wide-ranging application scenarios; second, its pursuit of blockchain in empowering the real economy. The STO channel can integrate these two perfectly.

He stated that the cooperation of the eight major industry companies is a practice of NGK Global’s commercial application, which preliminarily demonstrates the feasibility of NGK Global. Besides, it also has certain guiding significance for the future implementation of NGK Global in various fields and provides a foundation for further exert greater value.

NGK Global STO Yacht

This STO kick-off conference was brilliant and fruitful. It’s a big deal! It will enable NGK Global to move towards a broader consensus, promote ecological co-development, co-governance and shared values.

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