News Report: UICI Group and Spirit Stone team hosted the STO yacht event of NGK Global together

Recently, the founder of NGK Global, UICI Group, together with the Spirit Stone team held an STO yacht event. NGK Global is the world’s leading commercial blockchain, and this time NGK Global’s STO is also the world’s first leading technology company in adopting the STO, a new compliant digital securities issuance method, to raise funds.

STO is known as Security Token Offering, is a securities-type universal issuance that aims to carry out the traditional securities-type universal issuance under the regulatory framework of legal compliance. STO is to meet the regulatory requirements and make full use of blockchain technology in the financial field. It provides a low-cost, efficient, and high-liquidity global financing method.

STO yacht

The representative of UICI Group said:

“NGK Global as the world’s leading blockchain project, is keen to explore a compliant, international, and advanced funding approach. Adopting STO has a deep significance for the NGK Global. On the one hand, the issue of securities universal license is essentially the relevant rights of the company, but also an economic incentive tool. The entire system brings together the ecological co-builders and investors. By stimulating the ecology, the contribution value of each role in the ecology is improved, while the investor and the enterprise development are more closely integrated. On the other hand, more transparent and compliant operations have always been the consistent requirements of domestic and foreign capital markets for enterprises. The adoption of STO means that the company voluntarily accepts the regulatory compliance of relevant departments, which will help the company to gain market trust and create a foundation for financing.

STO yacht

The representative of Spirit Stone team said:

“NGK Global adopts STO to move towards the capital market is a business decision full of courage and vision. NGK Global is a blockbuster launched by our Spirit Stone team in 2020, with an innovative business model and fast-growing project. Through the deployment of UICI Group in the global compliant digital asset market and the technical strengths of Spirit Stone team, we will provide NGK Global partners with high-quality professional services, global investors, and raise capital to support the business development of NGK Global. At the same time, we believe that the success of NGK Global’s STO fundraising will help many physical industries to expand and serve as a model for companies around the world who want to join the blockchain industry. This will help to further develop the NGK Global ecosystem.”

NGK blockchain