NGK balances the power and interests of participants and contributors with a unique DPOSS algorithm

The crypto market is currently experiencing an exponential growth trend. Many financial companies based on the traditional economy have also begun to set foot in the blockchain industry to issue digital encrypted assets and establish a shared value chain based on consensus mechanisms such as PoW/PoS to expand new business territory.

According to the current development of the blockchain industry, it is necessary to break through the technical bottleneck to promote the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation. At the same time, we can also understand the blockchain as a trustworthy, interactive, encrypted, and shareable value chain from an economic perspective.

NGK balances the power

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that on the basis of the safe, stable and efficient operation of the underlying public chain, multi-chain can be interconnected, and blockchain-related commercial applications can be developed so that they are no longer independent islands of value. However, the core point of the efficient operation of the underlying public chain lies not only in the underlying development technology, but also in the establishment of a corresponding consensus mechanism.

The main feature of the NGK public chain, which is different from the traditional public chain projects is the decentralized DPOSS consensus mechanism created by NGK. The uniqueness and diversity of the single-point authorization consensus authentication mechanism cannot be replaced by large-scale education or computer algorithms. This is similar to the fact that human-computer verification can initiate community communication in the first time or discuss node consensus among familiar nodes. It ensures the stability of the NGK consensus chain, which promotes the value accumulation of NGK and the depth of the network, and also empowers science and technology. It does not need to consume resources for mining, and it is impossible to obtain firsthand and advantage by means of technology. Therefore, everyone is equal in the NGK mining area.

NGK balances the power

The chain of the DPOSS consensus is like building a sophisticated giant network. When any branch is disconnected or the node falls off, new nodes will be added immediately, because the entire network is only a single network body, the community is divided, and the nodes are completely separated It will not have any impact on the NGK ecosystem, so in principle, co-construction and sharing is equivalent to delegating power to all node self-built communities to participate in higher power autonomy. This is essentially the self-iteration and elimination of the consensus of the DPOSS mechanism, and its adhesiveness and ability to create value are far higher than any Internet customer acquisition platform.

The NGK network body is able to support diversified technology development to the greatest extent, and its performance reaches the high expansion and high concurrency characteristics of the blockchain 3.0 public chain. Currency issuance can also become the core point of the value of the NGK project. Therefore, the NGK project has no private equity, no first hand, and no dark pool transaction. Moreover, the situation that each NGK network corresponds to an active IP will gradually become possible with the expansion of the ecology, and the traffic it locks also able to stimulate the reverse attraction of the positive growth of traffic, and it is also regarded as an innovative flow.

NGK balances the power

The algorithm consensus of the NGK public chain is different from PoW. The PoS consensus mechanism has neither high energy consumption nor lack of fairness. For every user who uses blockchain digital asset transactions, it is user-oriented and ultimately returns to users. User thinking also prevents the relatively large concentration of bargaining chips through project development, which is very conducive to the early community construction and the long-term development of the later network ecology.

Based on the core design of the DPOSS consensus mechanism, the existence of its contract stamp forms an early consensus chain of the community, which encourages the active participation and governance of key community members, and always maintains the consensus base of the network and avoid from bad capital, econnoisseur, and external markets entry. The development and use of data encryption and blockchain technology on the chain ensures the reliability of data and the ability to prevent tampering in cryptography and technology, and allows users in the network to implement the system with an open governance model.

NGK balances the power

The DPOSS consensus mechanism combines the node array algorithm and secure multi-dimensional computing and other cryptographic tools to ensure the independence and privacy of participants, that is, to achieve the synchronization of asset on-chain data in all verification nodes, and to prevent the possibility of forks and achieve stability service data interaction and cross-chain circulation to promote the overall development of NGK public chain ecology.

In the NGK ecological network, its own two characteristics will be enough to distinguish many public chains. First, the cost of opening an account for a single node is a single point value anchor, which does not change with the premium of the network value currency NGK, and has important value in the mid to late network growth. Second, the individual node essentially provides the liquidity and value endorsement of the USDN stable currency in the network, while the passive high value-added NGK token acquisition is an additional benefit acquisition.

NGK balances the power

Another value anchor of NGK is that there will be no inflation and no additional issuance of NGK. Even if NGK is fully circulated, the final total NGK circulation will be lower than the total output. Although this does not involve production reduction, circulation and value evaluation can refer to BTC. Therefore, the process of NGK public chain network formation is to build community consensus and accumulate stack of flow.

The NGK public chain promotes the innovation of the DPOSS consensus mechanism in order to help in building the NGK ecological scene and lead the era of blockchain decentralization. At the same time, it releases huge digital economic dividends for ordinary investors, and provides a reliable and safe trading mechanism and rules. It can be foreseen and expected that NGK’s future value network can empower decentralized finance and ultimately serve more users outside the network. This is the charm of the DPOSS consensus mechanism.

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