NGK blockchain provides the trilogy for crypto explorers: tokens, DeFi and DEX

There is no doubt that tokens, DeFi, and DEX are the three most important and fast-growing areas in the crypto world recently. Although DEX is an important part of DeFi, its importance seems to have made people forget that it belongs to DeFi. Some people even request for the independence of DEX. Nevertheless, tokens, DeFi, and DEX can affect the crypto world.

With that, blockchain has begun to fight and deploy in these three areas. The NGK blockchain is no exception. In addition to issuing a series of on-chain tokens, it also created the DeFi project Baccarat, and recently launched the NGKEX in the DEX field.

NGK blockchain

Obviously, a series of layouts in the NGK blockchain are very successful, attracting the attention of countless ecological builders and even institutional giants, who have invested in these fields, hoping to get a share of benefits. If you are a blockchain novice and want to enter the blockchain market through the NGK blockchain, then you may learn about the trilogy created by the NGK blockchain for crypto explorers through this article.

The first part: tokens

The series of tokens launched by the NGK blockchain are very successful. Currently, they include NGK, USDN, BGV, SPC and VAST. Except USDN, which is a stablecoin, other tokens have a lot of room for growth. After BGV, the NGK native token also received a lot of attention recently. Many ecological builders have entered the market and purchased many NGK tokens. This is because NGK tokens have risen for 15 consecutive days. So, who doesn’t want to get a share of this cake? Coincidentally, there are also the popular SPC and VAST, and many ecological builders have seen their value and actively participated in the NGK computing power mining to obtain benefits.

Currently, the threshold of tokens and the handling fee by NGK blockchain are very low. If users have not yet entered the market, they can create a new account now, enter the market at a very low cost, and obtain high profits in the future.

NGK blockchain

The second part: Baccarat

Baccarat is a topic that is no stranger, and the level of popularity when it went online is still fresh in the memory. It is precisely because of this that Baccarat is still concerned by many ecological builders. At the same time, the low handling fee, large storage capacity, and network stability of Baccarat have also been recognized by many ecological builders. Therefore, it has become an important part of the DeFi field. For explorers in the crypto world, if they want to enter the DeFi field, they can participate in the Baccarat, because this is the lowest threshold to enter the DeFi world.

The third part: NGKEX

Although NGKEX is the latest launch of the NGK blockchain, it is a very important part of the NGK blockchain ecosystem and plays an important role in its construction. At the same time, it is also an important part of the DEX field. With its huge advantages, it has attracted the entry of many ecological builders, conducive to the expansion of the DEX field, thereby enhancing the value of the DEX in general. From another perspective, DEX is a vital part of DeFi. Therefore, the emergence of NGKEX is also very conducive to the construction of the DeFi field.

NGK blockchain

Currently, it is very simple for users to enter NGKEX. Register an account on the NGKEX official website. If you want to use NGKEX for currency trading, OTC trading, contract trading, and leverage trading, you need to purchase USDT to transfer funds.

At present, the NGKEX’s handling fee is extremely low. At the same time, if you transfer through the TRC20 channel, the handling fee is free, so it is very conducive to the entry of ecological builders.

The above is the trilogy created by the NGK blockchain for the explorers of the crypto world. If you want to make profit in any field, you must fully understand and learn to allocate the assets to obtain the maximum benefit.



NGK blockchain

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