NGK builds a borderless decentralized financial ecosystem

This wave of DeFi that suddenly emerged from June to October has brought extremely high returns to early participants. The Baccarat new currency BGV, a DeFi liquid mining project launched by NGK, has been frequently searched by the media.

The NGK public chain has constructed a blockchain payment underlying system to provide blockchain support services for the digital economy and provide blockchain industry application solutions. The third party can formulate a reasonable blockchain application model based on the actual situation of each industry. NGK has created an ecosystem integration industry, realizing industry-finance docking services.


The NGK public chain provides open-source community resources to the world, allowing platforms and institutions in more fields to develop their own ecosystem based on the NGK public chain technology. There are not only decentralized DeFi protocols, decentralized mining, but also decentralized lending platforms and cross-chain interoperability.

The NGK system innovatively absorbs and discards the traditional Internet and business models, and uses the underlying blockchain technology to create an open and decentralized new application form for users. Based on the new blockchain financial solution based on the underlying cross-chain technology, NGK links the main blockchains in the decentralized world through the underlying cross-chain technology, creating an open source, decentralized, high-performance value network, and empowering the financial industry to open up the new financial era of blockchain.


The capital market is changing rapidly. The DeFi liquidity mining project launched by NGK stands out is because of the development route of BGV is similar to the YFI, and on the other hand, NGK is a cross-chain transaction and multi-asset interoperability. The blockchain project is low in gas cost, safe and efficient. Any developer can develop financial and service applications on NGK to meet the needs according to the application scenario.

NGK public chain has carried out a series of innovations in blockchain technology and concepts to provide complete blockchain technology solutions, making NGK public chain hopeful to become a bridge between the blockchain world and the real business world. At the same time, the application and technical boundaries of blockchain technology are continuously expanded so that ordinary Internet users can feel the value of blockchain technology and build a new ecosystem of developers and users based on blockchain technology. In the consensus mechanism, considering the degree of decentralization, practicability, technical reliability, and anti-blocking, the realization of distributed networks, consensus, gateways, distributed transactions, multi-currency transactions, wallets, payments, digital asset issuance, etc. The function makes the smart contract of the blockchain more implemented and more in line with business rules, builds a bridge from the real world to the blockchain world, and provides better support for financial services.


In the future, NGK aims to build the foundation of Internet trust, innovate the blockchain infrastructure with the mission of establishing a value Internet system, and finally create a convenient, borderless, censorship-resistant and private cryptocurrency and the realization of a financial infrastructure that serves global data Digital currency circulates without borders. The ultimate vision is to build a distributed financial service ecological platform, through the establishment of connections between different blockchain ledgers, to realize cross-ledger transfer of assets, and to provide an infrastructure for financial applications based on digital certificates and digital assets. By maximizing the value-carrying and delivering value functions of the blockchain, and maximizing the equality and openness of the blockchain, NGK will make the assets of hundreds of millions of people freer.

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