NGK builds the strongest blockchain to lead the development

Since the development of blockchain technology, there are endless iterations of blockchain projects in terms of scalability, security, privacy, etc. However, they can only be based on the underlying blockchain. On the other hand, they have a certain scale of business. The blockchain technology is rarely incorporated into the large-scale business scenarios, and it is difficult to bring the real user increments to the blockchain field.

Technically speaking, a blockchain is a linked list or chain block, and a chain block is a set of ordered transactions. Every transaction has a transaction ID and is digitally signed by the owner. All transactions are broadcasted, so that everyone can keep a copy of the blockchain. Blockchain is also called the distributed ledger. In a public blockchain, anyone can write and read to the blockchain. Blockchain is well-known for its decentralization, which can significantly increase the productivity and ensuring authenticity, to improve the transaction efficiency with almost zero-cost. At the same time, it stores the data, voting power, transaction power, etc. transferred from the original central node to the countless decentralized nodes and eliminate the original power center, and form a machine trust mechanism based on the blockchain technology.

NGK public chain

The problems brought by the technology advances are endless. The NGK Blockchain is willing to be an evangelist and pioneer in the industry.

NGK Blockchain, based on the current situation encountered by blockchain technology, is committed to create connectors and toolboxes based on the blockchain technology. It aims to provide solutions that are flexible, easy to use and user insensitive. The main solutions are divided into two categories. The first category is to develop the mature technical solutions of the NGK Blockchain into API in order to reduce the cost of blockchain development on the application and the enterprise side, as well as its difficulty and threshold of use. The second category is to develop the customized SDK for vertical fields, to solve specific problems in the development process, and form a complete technical solution.

On this basis, the NGK Blockchain hopes to allow more users to enter the blockchain and solve the problem of user base. In this way, the developers can break through the barriers between blockchain and the restrictions to gain more users. This allows the users to conduct one-stop management through the NGK Blockchain.

NGK public chain

It is worth mentioning that the NGK Blockchain, as an important part of the blockchain infrastructure, will provide the developers with corresponding tools. It will provide a series of development resources for the customized development of DAPP, including the upper-level tools such as Docker and IDE, as well as the other low-level services. It includes the test tools such as browsers and test networks to facilitate the developers based on the NGK Blockchain. The team hopes to build an open-chain data ecology based on the underlying of NGK Blockchain, the decentralized system, the protocol layer and the SDK of NGK Blockchain, to break the status quo of the blockchain ecology and allow the users to be rest assured, and the blockchain technology to empower the real economy.



NGK blockchain

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