NGK DAPP which is the new trend of blockchain cloud storage will be launched soon

Compared with traditional cloud storage and centralized storage, it may face security or even permanent problems. Cloud storage based on blockchain technology has absolute advantages. Apart from storing information, it can also prove that the content recorded in the block is authentic. In particular, the existing problems can be easily solved by using the features of blockchain technology such as non-tampering, distributed storage, and traceability.


NGK: Decentralized structured cloud storage platform

It is understood that NGK, with its unique on-chain governance model and blockchain consensus technology, provides plug-in services for the entire network to exchange decentralized information. The emergence of NGK provides a credible mechanism for decentralized information exchanges, through the user’s browsing behavior, comment behavior, participant roles, assets and other data on the chain, relying on blockchain technology to overcome the barriers of traditional Internet space and expand Cloud storage capacity to ensure user information security.

NGK expects to achieve the decentralization and digitization of information value through blockchain technology distributed accounting and smart contract innovation technology, and finally form a complete network economy development model.


NGK: High adaptability, one-click plug-in function

NGK provides infrastructure for the construction of decentralized cloud storage to meet the basic needs of decentralized information interaction, including decentralized mining, trading, information advertising, finance, commercial applications, etc. According to the official website information, NGK has the following advantages:

One-click plug-in: NGK provides a simple and convenient API for developers across the network. In just a few seconds, developers can easily deploy it to their self-developed DAPP, which is extremely practical.

High-performance consensus mechanism: A high-performance operating system that supports multi-language programming and cross-chain interaction in the NGK ecosystem. The consensus mechanism DPOSS ensures the security of the blockchain network, and is optimized to achieve a shorter block time to ensure the stability of the token on the chain .


Low cost of on-chain governance: NGK’s decentralized storage node construction cost is relatively low. NGK provides sufficient NGK incentives for on-chain governance. Participating miners will obtain token incentives based on their contribution value, attracting more community members to participate independently.

NGK: Commercial value scenarios, encourage sharing and create a win-win ecosystem

NGK released a total of 1 billion pieces, of which 60 million pieces are used for team development rewards, and the others are used for mining. In the NGK ecology, companies, individuals, consumers, etc. who contribute to the NGK ecology through different behaviors such as consumption and information sharing to obtain NGK token incentives. Everything is open and transparent. NGK encourages community members to share and create a win-win ecology.

NGK is also a commercial platform that can achieve independent profitability. Users use NGK’s underlying architecture to customize personal credit information systems and corporate solutions for individuals or enterprises to achieve short, flat and fast commercial value. The use of digital wallets realizes the storage, exchange, transaction and arbitrage of NGK and global token. Whether online or offline, NGK can easily help most people in achieving profitability.


On the NGK platform, not only can it be convenient for DAPP developers to deploy and build applications, but the data generated by DAPP can also be directly linked to the chain. It is worth mentioning that NGK will launch the DAPP application in October, which also mean that more people can understand NGK more conveniently. Besides that NGK will accept the new test of the market, while also providing innovative commercial value applications for blockchain cloud storage.

There is no doubt that the blockchain is slowly changing the world’s view of token. Especially with the emergence of more commercial application scenarios, it is telling the world all the time that the blockchain is changing the present.

The greatest value of the blockchain is based on a decentralized trust mechanism, and NGK builds a credit mechanism system for the future sharing economy, thereby realizing a new decentralized information value model by allowing NGK holders to receive NGK ecological dividends. NGK’s mission is to make the world’s information flow more freely and generate more implementable value.

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