NGK DeFi Baccarat captures the best DeFi revenue with liquidity mining

The DeFi (i.e. decentralized finance) market has been favorable in recent months. From Compound, ChainLink, to YFI, SUSHI, UNI, etc., there will be a phenomenon-level project every other period that attracts the market attention. In particular, some high revenue liquidity mining projects have stimulated the enthusiasm for market participation.

At present, most of the hot DeFi projects on the market have relatively high thresholds, and many end users are blocked from the door and they can only watch the institutions make profits. In the end, DeFi turned into a carnival for a few people only, which is not conducive to the market expansion of DeFi. With that, NGK launched the Baccarat decentralized financial transaction system through the platform in response to the shortcomings of DeFi with extremely low fees. The users can share the benefits of DeFi by paying a small fee to participate in liquidity mining through NGK DeFi Baccarat.

NGK DeFi Baccarat

What is Baccarat liquidity mining?

It can be simply understood as the storing of tokens through smart contracts by users. When a transaction pair is generated, the user needs to pledge two tokens at the price calculated by the current contract. After the user completes the capital injection, it provides the liquidity for the contract, and the user can obtain the handling fee and the new currency rewards. The entire process is achieved through a decentralized governance protocol.

What is the profit of Baccarat liquidity mining?

Currently, there are two main types of revenue:

The first is the handling fee for tokens. When the trader exchanges NGK and USDN, the contract will charge a conversion currency as a handling fee each time a transaction is generated. The handling fee will enter the reservoir computing pool, while the market makers can withdraw their USDN and NGK at any time.

NGK DeFi Baccarat

The second type is the mining of new currency. When NGK launched the Baccarat decentralized financial transaction system, it also launched a new token BGV to provide liquidity returns. When users receive timely income, they will also have certain liquidity certificates. The Baccarat will weigh the dividends of BGV tokens based on the users’ liquidity certificates. It is worth noting that the more users participating in liquidity mining, the higher the value of BGV’s tokens, and the greater the benefits that users will obtain.

In addition to the above two benefits, Baccarat will also send 10,000 units of BGVs to the existing members according to the existing address. The priority is given to the active accounts by default.

NGK DeFi Baccarat

With the launch of NGK DeFi Baccarat in the future, more tokens will be issued on it. On the other hand, it will be used to reward users who participate in the Baccarat liquidity mining to increase the user enthusiasm. In addition, it can be used for large-scale commercial application in more ecological industries in order to enhance the value of NGK DeFi Baccarat.



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