NGK digital gain platform

Investors participate in the construction of block chain ecology and purchase power from super nodes to obtain revenue. The NGK block chain is divided into block generation nodes and backup nodes. The top 21 votes are block generation nodes, except that the block generation nodes are ranked at The top 100 are used as backup nodes, the block chain will calculate the rewards that the node should receive according to the actual operation of the block node, and allocate the corresponding NGK rewards to the block node, then users can use different mainstreams in the platform The currency is converted into USDN, and USDN can be used to purchase super-node hashing power, which is equivalent to the user investing in hashing node hashing power.

Users investing in USDN to super nodes will get the corresponding node computing power, and 21 super nodes will rotate out of blocks. The algorithm of the block chain will allocate corresponding NGK rewards according to the blocks generated by each super node. The corresponding reward is fixed, so the daily production capacity is also fixed, then the super node will distribute the output NGK to the holder of the computing power, so the more computing power the node holds, the more NGK tokens you get The greater the number, the super node will define the reward NGK value according to the user’s computing power value.

All the NGK generated by the super node block will be released into the Worker Proposal in a unified way. The Worker Proposal is an ecological fund pool used as a reward for block chain ecological builders. Then the Worker Proposal for the output NGK The system’s address is issued, rewards are given to computing power holders and community leaders, and DAPP developers who contribute to the NGK block chain.

NGK digital gain platform

Release mechanism

Constant total: 1 billion

STO pledges to raise 35 million

10 million spare addresses for unlocking

Super community launches 15 million

Every year, 150 million of super node fixed output is released

The release period is 6 years and 98 days

NGK super node authorization certificate (DPOSS consensus mechanism)

NGK Tongzheng Chain authorizes 21 super nodes to provide proof to generate new blocks

Block speed: 3 Sec/block

Block reward: one block ≈ 14.2694 NGK rewards

A level of computing power 200–1000 is equal to 20–100 computing power

Second-level computing power 1000–5000 equals 100–500 computing power

Three levels of computing power 5000–10000 equals 500–1000 computing power

Four levels of computing power 10000–20000 is equal to 1000–2000 computing power

Supernodes use the native token NGK to distribute to the holders of computing power. NGK tokens can be exchanged for USDN through the platform, or they can choose to be sold on the platform at a higher price, or transferred to the secondary market and other For digital currency transactions, USDN is currently open on the platform and can be exchanged into two mainstream currencies, namely ETH and USDT, and more mainstream currency exchange functions will be opened in the future.

USDN platform route

There is no big increase in USDN. It is difficult to achieve good results when there is no trading consensus on the line to the exchange. Therefore, USDN is an application token that is used to solve payment and settlement problems in more scenarios. USDN has application performance, mortgage performance, and With algorithm performance, then such USDN only lacks an opportunity, its role will surpass any stable currency in the market, and due to the underlying technical architecture of the NGK block chain, it gives USDN a faster transaction speed, which means that it can be applied to all Kinds of scenes.

The role of USDN

The USDN stablecoin will always keep 1 dollar up and down, and it will have more stable performance through the algorithm. Any wallet based on NGK.IO block link can receive NGK or USDN, and can also conduct free transactions within the platform. Users can Use USDN to purchase supernode computing power, or use USDN to exchange other digital currencies (for example: USDT, ETH) within the platform. In the future, the NGK.IO block chain will create a global exchange, and USDN will be listed on the platform at that time. Exchange will become the trading medium of the platform exchange for exchange storage and conversion.

NGK exchange route

The block chain’s native token NGK has strong transaction performance. Because it is a value-added common policy, NGK.IO gives it more trading scenarios, more popularity, and more promotion, because it will follow the market’s trading behavior. In the future, the inflation rate of NGK will be the same as that of Bitcoin. The increase is determined by the market, which means that it is not suitable as a token of purchasing power. The positioning of NGK is very clear, and it can be compared to an economic equity certificate. Most of them reflect financial performance rather than payment performance. NGK.IO will build a consensus on the market of NGK, will launch NGK to the top three exchanges in the world, and realize the main online trading with various mainstream currencies. Establish the transaction depth and market consensus of NGK tokens.

NGK will be an appreciation policy

NGK is issued through equity endorsement. It is not a stock, but it is a similar digital economic interest. Unlike previous ICO tokens, once the issuer’s background and credibility are missing, it means that the token will be rapidly reduced in price, and it will be short-lived. It is fleeting, because many ICO tokens do not have a value background, while NGK has a strong background. It will have a higher appreciation space based on market consensus and applications. It is just the starting point for the beginning. The more holders, the market value of NGK will also increase. Under a constant number, the market demand will increase, then the value of the token will change dramatically.

NGK digital gain platform

So what is the value of NGK?

Own background value + consensus network value + government application value + supply and demand transaction value + underlying technology value

Three performances of NGK

Scarcity: The total amount is constant at 1 billion, and cannot be tampered with or issued. The NGK digital gain platform will release a large amount of value and repurchase burning NGK. It will promote market consensus through various aspects of circulation, and the first round of NGK has passed. Equity STOs lay the foundation for value. STO successfully applied for the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s certificate of approval, adding a background to the token, and no more than 100 digital currencies in the United States are effectively issuing STO, and NGK is one of them.

Liquidity: The first platform will attract a large number of users to hold, and since the platform realizes currency matching transactions, the second can be used for the eight major

The industrial circulation of the sector will support online blockchain applications and consumption. The third is not to be issued through other block chains, but was born as a native token of its own block chain. The technical breakthrough of the block chain and the extension of the application have made NGK more liquid, and at the same time, it has created secondary market trading pairs and formed a market. Transaction popularity and transaction depth.

Applicability: The super node generates new blocks and transaction confirmations for the network operation certificate. The NGK token will be used for the cost of all contract transactions in the block chain. The NGK block chain is open to generate token contracts and DAPP contracts, collectively called smart contracts, then All smart contracts will use NGK tokens to pay for fees, and the developers of each contract will purchase a large amount of NGK on the market as a transaction fuel for self-operated contracts, which means that NGK is also obtained in the block chain trading system. application.

Quantity control

1. When the market’s computing power increases, more NGK needs to be released to meet the market’s demand, but the number of NGK output is limited, effectively squeezing the value of NGK, so the release mechanism of NGK’s super nodes is like special The same is true for currency reduction.

2. The supply and demand relationship of the market makes NGK will welcome a large number of users. When the demand increases, the price will naturally rise, so the price of NGK is not fixed, and it will be defined according to the market transaction volume, transaction depth, supply and demand relationship, etc. value.

3. The NGK coin production time is 6 years and 98 days. It is in a stage of dividend period of rapid development. The trading market will be in short supply. Even one currency is difficult to find. It can only be released through computing power. Scarcity will also make NGK more Valuable.

NGK blockchain