NGK Distributed Storage public chain: A complete set of personal data storage solutions

Distributed storage in blockchain industry refers to decentralized storage, each node in different geographic, is a cross-regional distribution, can achieve the city-level fault domain isolation. NGK distributed storage public chain is a complete set of personal data storage solutions, it is composed of countless nodes in the form of p2p to form a data storage array, using DPOSS consensus mechanism to identify and distribute rewards, using encryption mechanism to protect the storage process and data transmission to form a safe, efficient, economical personal data storage solutions.

Data layer: It is the bottom mechanism of the whole NGK, including a set of personal data storage solution system, based on the agreed mechanism of the data layer, all parties can find their own obligations and the rights that can be obtained in this distributed storage network. The data layer is open source any single computer to download and run the data packet is the node of NGK, and the data stored in NGK synchronously is rewarded by NGK.

NGK Distributed Storage public chain

Network layer: NGK uses the p2p network mechanism, the user’s data upload and download directly from the corresponding node disk to pull resources, P2P form is more secure and make full use of the advantages of independent bandwidth of the node in the process of data upload and download can achieve multi-thread synchronization cooperation, greatly improve the efficiency of data read and write.

Consensus layer: NGK uses mining mode, when identifying the contribution of nodes, on the one hand, it is to examine the size of the available storage space of nodes, and the DPOSS mechanism also requires the nodes to return the hash value of the hard disk stored files in time to verify whether the nodes have always fulfilled their obligations. If the node is disconnected or the hard disk sector is destroyed, the main network will take punishment measures to the node, according to the seriousness of the situation, take punishment measures such as fines, forfeiture of user mortgage, even cancelation of node identity.

NGK Distributed Storage public chain

Incentive: The incentive layer uses NGK as the incentive measures, the test is the speed of the node packaging data, the more powerful the proof of work, the faster the user packaging speed to get blockchain probability, the main network will generate a blockreward every three minutes.

Data redundancy design: Because of the use of distributed data storage mechanism, in order to ensure the integrity of the data must have redundant back-up to ensure that the data will not be damaged due to the loss of individual nodes, NGK adopts the data back-up mode to ensure the security and integrity of personal data.

From the data layer to the network data encryption read-write mechanism to the consensus layer set the final in the incentive layer to complete the entire data storage process, NGK uses blockchain technology mode to achieve the entire process of the distributed storage of personal data, this is a reduction of the central cloud storage mechanism.

NGK Distributed Storage public chain

Application of NGK:

NGK app is the user carrier of NGK. As a blockchain technology in the past, it usually needs a blockchain browser to go in the chain in order to realize the data storage synchronization function. NGK as a system serving personal data storage In order to simplify the user’s operating process to enhance the user’s experience, the complex data uplink process is silly.

One-click to generate NID: The first successful installation and registration of the user is that the system will generate a NID which will be with the user according to the user’s personal data and password set by the asymmetric algorithm. All the personal data based on the user only through the NID key can complete the data extraction, combination and decryption to the original data.

NGK Distributed Storage public chain

One-click data upload, download: NGK app data upload, download, space lease, NGK charging and renewal fees are integrated within the NGK to achieve 24*365 days follow-up services for cloud data anytime, anywhere.

Community Governance and More Value-Added Services: NGK app also integrates blockchain community governance that synchronizes the latest information of the NGK main network and allows all nodes to vote on major direction choices through the app when necessary, later accessing more NGK-enabled application scenarios to enable NGK ecology.

NGK blockchain