NGK Eco-Plan: Making everyone get beneficiated through public chain

NGK. IO developed aggressively in the past three years has brought us to a multi-dimensional and deep-seated development opportunities to related fields. They promoted development strategic and ecological innovation at the same time, blockchain application has gradually happening on the right track. The trend of value return and recovery has also brought new thinking and inspiration to NGK for their sustainable development path. Therefore, in the second half of the strategic planning, NGK further put on higher requirements for ecological development targeting to global developers with comprehensive support provided and long-term incentives to help developers in new hatch and operate DApp, building up prosperity together with NGK.

NGK public chain

NGK warmly welcomes and encourages developers around the world to participate in the ecological construction of their projects to discover more DaPP’ values. Financial & technical support, team and product promotion, resource docking, user traffic, product operations, etc. are available to give developers a fully support. From that, NGK community members in the team able to enjoy a one-stop service development without worries.

Developer can start-up using contract deployment tools and other development tools or frameworks officially available from NGK.

NGK will provide developers with sources and designated framework, to complement documentation and tutorials development for further detailed introductions, make even efficiency, as well as technical forums for developers to communicate and answer technical questions.

NGK public chain

The Incentive Program consists of multiple development projects initiated by the NGK team on a community collaboration platform based on NGK’s pre-development advances, which allowing developers to claim projects of interest and thrive on the NGK project ecosystem in multiple dimensions.

‘NGK project shows from a pattern that our center is a developer’, said STEPHEN LITAN, Chief Technology Officer of NGK, referring to the Eco-Building Program. NGK initiates in making money for developers, while also allowing everyone to be beneficiated. This is the direction of efforts and the result of ecological prosperity. From the point of view of the public chain itself, to help developers incubate in Dapp in rich ecology of the public chain, at the same time, we also need to planning for the creativity, product positioning, user experience, post-operation and other aspects of control, to provide users with more valuable products, and ultimately achieve at three-way win-win situation.

NGK public chain

In recent years, the blockchain industry has reached a consensus on public chain ecological construction, DApp rapidly rise and constantly update iterations. NGK has integrated public chain completely in empowerment and other technical fields. They also completed the smart contract release tools, standardized interfaces, developer documentation and other relatives. Their strong technical team is there to ensure the safety, stability and efficiency of the public chain. NGK focuses on complex data and interactions on the chain, targeting complex collaboration relationships, with new consensus incentives and upgrade capabilities that enable everyone to benefit equitably from decentralized collaboration.

NGK blockchain