NGK ecological co-construction-so that every role on the public chain can benefit

This year, the blockchain industry has reached a consensus on the ecological construction of a public chain, and DAPP has risen rapidly and continuously updated and iterated. NGK has intensively worked on the integrity, operability, developer empowerment and other technical fields of the public chain. So far, it has completed smart contract publishing tools, standardized interfaces, developer documentation, smart wallets, etc. The technical team has ensured the public chain as a strong backup It is safe, stable, efficient and easy to use.

NGK launched the ecological co-construction plan to help developers incubate and operate DAPPs by providing comprehensive support and long-term incentive guarantees, and work with developers to create NGK public chain ecological prosperity and achieve sustainable prosperity.


The NGK ecological co-construction will be invested by the foundation in more NGK, encourage global developers to participate in the NGK ecological construction, and develop more valuable DAPPs. NGK provides developers with all-round support from financial support, technical support, team promotion, product promotion, resource docking, user traffic, product operation, etc., so that teams settled in the NGK developer ecological community can enjoy one-stop services to ensure development worry.

At the same time, NGK uses high-quality media resources to provide the developer team with media exposure and accurate drainage of multi-dimensional channels, so as to achieve full support from development to operation.

NGK takes the lead in allowing developers to make money, and hopes to build a long-term, stable, efficient, and fair sustainable development ecosystem with the majority of the developer team. After helping the developer team to incubate a high-quality DAPP, the developer team is encouraged to operate the product on its own, forming a benign closed loop from development to operation to secondary development of revenue. For the team that has been developing again and again on NGK, they will continue to enjoy incentive policies and many benefits.

NGK blockchain

Not only that, NGK must also allow every role on the public chain to benefit from it. This is the direction of NGK’s ecological co-construction efforts, and it is also the effect of ecological prosperity. NGK checks multiple aspects such as creative planning, product positioning, user experience, and post-operations, to provide users with more valuable products, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation.

NGK highlights:

1. Product features: Convenient and quick interface operating system, information is quickly on the chain. One-click chain building, one-click token issuance, and the platform provides a smart contract template library for direct call.

2. The core team comes from Silicon Valley, USA, and has deep technical strength in the field of blockchain and distributed applications.

3. Rich landing scenarios, empowering the transformation of the physical industry, making both parties more trust based on chain operations, realizing traceability of product and food safety, realizing global cross-border payments, etc.

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Through open source technology and improve developer tools, developers can easily and efficiently complete deployment on the public chain. By leveraging the developers, the rapid operation of the NGK public chain and developers will drive users to gather and flow in. And then reshape the new business ecology, give individuals a free channel to realize value, and build a new business ecology of individual collaboration.

NGK is based on a global vision layout and future-oriented development plan, allowing individuals to enter the blockchain world with one click, self-creating blockchain ledgers, customizing collaboration processes, and self-designing tokens to achieve efficient work collaboration and value circulation. To put it simply, NGK should lower the technical threshold of the blockchain so that individuals can fully enjoy the dividends brought by the blockchain.

NGK blockchain