NGK empowers the physical industry and opens a new era of token economy

A high quality blockchain project must match a more mature, more operational universal certification incentive system, so we first need to know what universal certification is? Token is a circulating encrypted digital certificate, and the token incentive mechanism is a digital token and intelligent contract as the main tool, in cooperation with traditional management means, organize large-scale cooperation mechanism in the Internet community.

NGK Blockchain

As long as we understand that the “pass-through incentive mechanism” is actually a collaborative organizational mechanism, we can understand that improving the efficiency of collaboration is the fundamental purpose of the pass-through economy. Therefore, the universal economy can be applied to blockchain, or not, but if it is not applied to blockchain, then its credibility is not the highest. Because trust is the basis of business, any of our actions and transactions today are dependent on trust, and there is no reason why the universal economy should not be used in blockchain in the future when the technology infrastructure of blockchain is mature.

It is well known that blockchain is composed of two parts, one is decentralized distributed ledger technology in terms of technology; The other is, in economic terms, a universal incentive, which is not enough.

NGK Blockchain

NGK.IO is dedicated to providing digital asset services for the real industry, helping the transformation and upgrading of the digital real industry, promoting industrial connectivity and in-depth cooperation, quickly breaking the existing difficulties in the real industry, and assisting the major innovation of the internal circulation economy. NGK.IO will even break the public’s perception of blockchain technology, leading the global blockchain industry innovation and development.

The aim of NGK.IO’s digital ecology is to use universal testimony as an incentive, a documented equity voucher and physical integration, to empower the real economy, and to return values to value participants or contributors themselves. NGK.IO digital ecology is to use blockchain technology and the universal economic model, establish a complete set of Token reward mechanism, realize the user and platform owners share the value of the platform increase.

NGK Blockchain

This solves the problem that real value producers in the Internet age do not receive matching value feedback. Of course, the universal economy does present an opportunity for the real industry to upend tradition, but that does not mean that the issuance of the universal license must succeed. The reason is simple: your competitors are not traditional industries, but entrepreneurs on the same dimension as you. The incentive mechanism for universal licenses is crucial, but the competitiveness of products themselves is also important, and the universal economy must bind the real industry’s ability to actually provide products and services, and must not overtake them.

It is because of the universal evidence as a vehicle for value that the NGK.IO technology and the real economy have revolutionized. The Pass and NGK.IO have worked together to open a new chapter in the Pass Economy. From the future trend of NGK.IO development, “NGK.IO+ Universal Economy” will become the mainstream of the industry application scenarios.

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