NGK expands its ecological layout, can SPC soar like BGV?

3 min readJan 20, 2021

Recently, the market trend of BGV has been paid attention by various ecological builders. The continued downward trend has made all ecological builders trembling. When will this “unstoppable” situation stop? Will it be like this from now on? In fact, you don’t have to worry because the market trend has always gone up and down. Going up blankly means that someone maliciously controls the market and speculates the tokens, which is not conducive to the market. Moreover, the decline of BGV this time was firstly affected by the overall decline of the DeFi concept token, and secondly, it was a technical callback, which facilitated the entry of more ecological builders.

BGV coins

When it comes to BGV, it is worth mentioning its highlight. The day after it was launched on the AOFEX, it soared by 1,777.76 times, and it has become a legend in the crypto market. The BGV is a governance token officially launched by NGK. So, will the market value of the sidechain token SPC officially launched by NGK soar like BGV?

The answer is yes, SPC will soar just like BGV, and it is expected to surpass BGV. As we all know, SPC is a side chain token launched by NGK, which has some similarities and differences with BGV.

First of all, from a group-oriented perspective. The SPC targets more group users than BGV, and it has greater market demand. The SPC is used to reward the NGK computing power holders and is weighted according to the total network computing power. According to NGK’s official statistics, the total computing power of the NGK’s entire network has reached 5.5 million, and the number will continue to increase as the SPC airdrop continues. In addition, more ecological builders will be entering and joining into the NGK computing power market and becoming the NGK computing power holders. While BGV is only for ecological builders in the DeFi field, which is relatively small. Therefore, we can see that the price of SPC will be higher than BGV.

BGV tokens

Secondly, from the main body. The main body of SPC is NGK blockchain, which has a wide range of applications and higher commercial value. In the future, the NGK blockchain will also be implemented in entertainment, sports, new energy, finance and other fields. By then, the value and the price of SPC will also be further increased. The main body of BGV, Baccarat, is only an ecological section of the NGK blockchain, and its application range is relatively small compared to the NGK blockchain. Therefore, SPC is more high-end than BGV, and its future value will be higher than BGV. If BGV skyrocketed a thousand times on the second day it went online, then SPC could skyrocket 10,000 times.

In summary, the SPC is more high-end than BGV. It has more commercial value and greater potential for continued growth in the future. Therefore, with the expansion of the ecological layout of the NGK blockchain, the market value of SPC will skyrocket like BGV or even surpass the BGV tokens.