NGK Global launching soon, helping various industries to go online quickly

It is reported that NGK Global, a new generation of commercial-grade blockchain project, will officially lauch on the blockchain market in October, and will officially meet with community enthusiasts who have been in for 2 years. As soon as the news came out, the community became more enthusiastic, and people began to discuss whether it would trigger a new round of wealth creation.

NGK Global

At present, the core functions and ecological foundation of NGK Global are basically completed.

As we all know, blockchains are subject to issues such as operating speed and scalability, and have previously been criticized for commercial implementation. The emergence of NGK Global is expected to allow all industries to use a complete set of modern technology service frameworks to establish a healthier, more efficient and more credible industry ecology.

According to data, NGK Global was initiated by USA International Covenant INC, a global investment institution, backed by the Silicon Valley high-tech development Spirit Stone, and has a commercial-grade blockchain project blessed by millions of communities at home and abroad.

NGK blockchain

With this advantage and the team’s experience in digital asset transaction exchange, payment, lending and other ecological application scenarios, NGK Global has built a development enterprise service platform, tourism ecological platform, supply chain finance, hotel management system platform, showing the different abilities compared to the other blockchain projects.

Based on many years of blockchain research and development experience, NGK Global through a faster integrating modern high technology such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence has designed a more scientific consensus mechanism, a more convenient information exchange engine, a more convenient technology iteration framework, a more speedy and convenient contract development specification technology.

NGK public chain

In addition to technological innovation, NGK Global’s technical performance indicators are also sufficient to support the ecological development of various industries on the chain, the theoretical TPS which reaches tens of millions of levels, the number of accounts, contracts, nodes, and miners which do not have upper limit. It has the characteristics of strong landability, strong scalability, strong availability, high throughput, applicability, etc.

It is worth mentioning that NGK Global has also built a system that is easy to implement in various industries, that is, the world’s first decentralized enterprise service system, using smart financing systems, smart contract systems, transparent financial systems, and smart trading systems to create a business operation model that is more valuable than existing blockchains, alliance chains, and private chains.

In practice, it has truly empowered the real economy and the development of global small, medium and micro enterprises.