NGK global lead the block chain industry to breakthrough?

We keep talking about how blockchain technology can land, because application landing is the key to technology, and it produces the technology that is actually applied, and it can be called valuable technology. The fact that we are not satisfied with block chain is driving us through the new. How do we break through the status quo and move from technology to application? That is the bottom of the public chain breakthrough, the public chain is now the most important is to improve performance and security, the long-term development of the project in the planning.

NGK public chain

If companies in traditional economies are to join a blockchain, much of it will take into account their consensus mechanisms. This is the basis for collaboration. Although consensus algorithms such as POW and POS are relatively easy to accept, the disadvantages of non-centralization are gradually revealed by the evolving demand. The shortcomings of the POW mechanism are obvious, which requires constant calculation in order to compete for the right to account, consumes huge amounts of power, causes great energy waste, and has a long consensus cycle. In the POS system, however, it is easier for people with more money to gain the right to account, which makes the consensus mechanism a game for people with money, and thus loses its impartiality. If the origin method of block chain is broken, what are we going to do to keep it going? NGK global is good at this, using the DPoSS consensus mechanism, decentralized in the DPoSS consensus mechanism more in-depth, there is no hard restrictions on users or institutions involved in maintenance, operating the network.

NGK public chain

Any individual who satisfies the calculation conditions can join the maintenance node to produce the NGK token, each outbound node here is similar to the mine pool in the POW, and join the mine pool in a way of taking the advantage of the rights. In the POW, the mining pool obtains the accounting benefit according to the calculation power, in the DPoSS, all the nodes have the equal opportunity to obtain the accounting right, which makes the node distribution of the DPoSS consensus mechanism relatively more decentralized, when the user participates in the output of NGK token through the calculation power, the distribution of the token is more balanced.

In the lead of USA International Covenant INC ,NGK global is not like other public chain projects to target the very small, unproductive application scenarios to develop, the design logic and development direction of the entire project NGK global has the future public chain should have the model and rich business applications. As we started with the article, we needed a platform that would allow the blockchain industry to break through and sustain growth.

NGK public chain

With this platform, it’s just the beginning of a commercial application of blockchain technology, and through this platform, you need more business to grow the entire market. Breaking down the barriers to technology, breaking down the barriers to the industry, and maybe a lot more blockchain can do, which requires the technical teams and community members of NGK global to try and push ahead.

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