NGK Global Moscow Roadshow: Focusing on the surge in memory and new Defi projects-Baccarat

The roadshow was first delivered by Moscow speaker Andrew. Andrew reviewed the overall development of NGK in recent years and said that the NGK technical team has been working hard and paying attention to the improvement of technical solutions. It is NGK’s vision to provide better technical solutions for the industry. NGK will pay attention to ecological applications in more industries in the future, and cross-chain and smart contract development will also be the focus of the future.

NGK Global Moscow Roadshow

NGK Eastern European representative Kuznedevich shared the new project of NGK Defi and memory features. Kuznedevich said that NGK will officially launch the DeFi project-Baccarat in the near future. This time, it will launch a liquid mining method to promote users’ enthusiasm for transactions. As the first DeFi application project based on the NGK chain, it could avoid the congestion of Ethereum on the chain. The new DeFi project Baccarat also has the feature of liquid mining, which is a decentralized exchange with practical application scenarios.

The newly launched Baccarat reduces transaction latency and transaction fuel costs, and will create more transaction pairs. Users can freely choose their favorite currencies to participate in NGK decentralized finance. Defi will be an important part of the NGK blockchain to advance.

NGK Global Moscow Roadshow

NGK representative Kuznedevich said that in order to deal with possible risk fluctuations, NGK took this into consideration at the beginning of the design and specially established a stable currency USDN, which can be used as a tool such as a “stabilizer” to reduce digital currency investment The risk of volatility, and investors can convert other digital currencies into USDN while benefiting, so as to achieve the preservation of digital assets.

NGK will continue to work with industry partners to innovate and jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry. ETC is confident and ready to sail in creating a brilliance development of the digital age in the future.

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