NGK Global roadshow in South Korea was successfully held, set off a wave of privacy protection again

On August 6, the South Korean roadshow was successfully held. During this event, the NGK fans in Korea, community members, blockchain elites and local media have participated. The roadshow received many compliments and positive feedbacks from the NGK Global community worldwide.

SJ mentioned the rapid development of the Internet in South Korea, which also caused annoyance to some people due to the personal information leakage, privacy exposure, and similar incidents occurred frequently and reported by the news. Thus, it is particularly important to solve the drawbacks of the industry.

NGK Global roadshow

As the future infrastructure and the representative of the Internet of Value, blockchain has attracted worldwide attention. All blockchain applications must be carried on various blockchain and alliance chains. So, how do we ensure the privacy and security in cross-chain?

NGK was created to solve this issue. SJ stated that NGK is a decentralized asset cross chain and anonymous privacy solution under the blockchain ecosystem. It protects the privacy of every data producer, and all record books are anonymous and have no directivity. Besides, NGK achieves the intercommunication of cross-chain data, so that each data will not be trapped and isolated in its own system. This has solved the problems of interoperability, scalability and shared security at once.

NGK Global roadshow

SJ said that there are many types of bottom technologies for the blockchain platforms. However, among the different businesses and bottom technologies, there are circulation barriers for different chains. On the other hand, the cross chain has high demand and there is a need for privacy protection. Thus, the emergence of NGK will greatly change the status quo.

NGK adopts the signature verification and a strict logical inspection, which can ensure that the client will not be maliciously attacked and ensure the authenticity as well as the security of the verified transaction. Furthermore, NGK sets a private key for the users to prevent attacks from the Internet when signing with the BP private key.

With the launch of NGK’s global market strategy, NGK will set off a wave of privacy protection around the world.

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