NGK Global Russia roadshow ended successfully, boosting the development of DeFi market

The NGK roadshow, organized by the Russian community, has concluded successfully in Moscow recently. The roadshow has attracted widespread attention, with investment banking elites, industry experts and eco-sector representatives taking part. At the same time, nearly 100 media outlets competed to share the visual feast.

The theme of the roadshow is “NGK DeFi Baccarat Landing Ecology, Boosting DeFi Market Development”. Road lecturer Andrew brings a great talk to the guests and a host of investors.


Andrew says the blockchain market’s hottest project was not DeFi in 2020, with a number of investors actively participating in the capital event to reap high returns. However, most of the DeFi projects in the market are based on Ethereum, and there are many disadvantages. First, the transaction is slow, there is always network delay, and gives users a bad transaction experience. The second is high fees, keeping many retail investors out of DeFi and not into DeFi investments. But, in fact, there are a lot more retail investors in the market than institutional investors, who are the big players that can drive the DeFi, accelerate the DeFi, and lose a lot of retail investors, which is not conducive to DeFi going into business, much less expanding the DeFi.

The Andrew statement was endorsed by people in attendance, and many guests agreed that even with the amount of money that institutional investors can make, a small number of institutional investors make a lot of money. However, the crowd of retail investors is often overlooked, making it easier to increase the commercial value of the DeFi if they are caught.


Subsequently, Andrew stated that because it saw the key disadvantages of DeFi in the market, NGK, through continuous internal testing and innovation, finally launched the Baccarat decentralized financial trading system, based on the DPOSS operation, has the advantages of DPOSS, its fast trading speed, high storage capacity, large throughput advantages can bring great convenience to users. At the same time, most importantly, the NGK DeFi Baccarat charges a very low fee, which greatly reduces the threshold for investor access, allowing more investors to enter the NGK DeFi Baccarat and participate in the Baccarat liquidity mining.

Andrew believes that more retail investors can be made available by lowering the threshold for investor access, which is also good for NGK DeFi Baccarat’s rollout. “NGK DeFi Baccarat has also issued a special token BGV,” he said.”The more users are involved in Baccarat’s liquidity mining, the higher the value of the BGV token! More retail investors are involved in Baccarat liquidity mining, which can greatly increase the value of the BGV token, and it is highly likely that BGV will become a high multiple in the future!”


Finally, Andrew says NGK DeFi Baccarat is now in the short-throw phase, the market is so hot that many retail investors are pouring in to share the capital binge. And it’s accelerated NGK DeFi Baccarat’s business-to-business, which increases NGK DeFi Baccarat’s value, and in turn drives the entire DeFi market!

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