NGK Global UK roadshow ends successfully, promoting DeFi!

Recently, the NGK Global Roadshow was successfully held in the United Kingdom and initiated the journey of global expansion in London.

With the theme of “Baccarat Promoting DeFi Development”, this roadshow invited blockchain industry experts, representatives of the eight major industries, representatives of major nodes in the NGK market, and investment bank elites to participate. At the same time, there were nearly 100 UK media, including the Times, the Economist, News of the World, the Guardian, etc., broadcasted this grand roadshow in real time.

At the roadshow, the representative guest, Mark gave a wonderful speech. He first delivered a wonderful talk about the application of blockchain in real life, and then explained in detail about the project progress and the technical advantages of the NGK blockchain.

NGK Global UK roadshow

As an important achievement of the fourth industrial revolution, blockchain has always attracted the attention of many countries and capital markets around the world. At present, we are in the early stage for the surge of blockchain industry, and we should think about what the real change of the blockchain is. Should the traditional technology be overthrown in an all-round way, or should the blockchain technology be combined with the traditional industry to take advantage of the trend?

In this regard, Mark analyzed the current application of blockchain technology in cloud computing, healthcare, games, new energy and other fields through typologies, and expressed full expectations for the implementation of blockchain technology. Mark stated that, “With the continuous development of technology, the blockchain will be implemented in more physical fields and bring huge changes to people’s lives!”

NGK Global UK roadshow

Mark frankly said that the UK has always been one of the most important markets for the NGK’s globalization. We chose London as the important opportunity for continued expansion into the UK, because London has always been the world’s financial center and occupies a very important role in global financial development. It is the vane of global financial development. We hope that through the market promotion in London, more people will understand NGK and its ecological layout.

Mark said that NGK is currently building two ecological projects, one is Baccarat in the DeFi field, and the other is “Calling Hippo” in the Dapp field. Judging from the market reaction, these two ecological projects of NGK are very successful. In particular, the Baccarat project launched by NGK has attracted much attention in the DeFi market. On the second day of its launch, it created a legend of thousand-fold increase, which attracted many capital markets.

NGK Global UK roadshow

Mark believes that the NGK’s deployment in the DeFi field and the launch of Baccarat will promote the revolutionary innovation of DeFi technology, and it will be more conducive to the development of the DeFi market.

Mark finally said that the roadshow held in London, England was very smooth, and expressed his optimism about the Baccarat project launched by NGK. The roadshow in the UK ended successfully. The NGK global roadshow will continue to be launched in other countries or regions for the global exploration of the blockchain.

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